Monday, January 11, 2010

My trip to Dubai Dec 09/Part 4

On Our way to the airport, and after spending all of our budget on silly stuff shopping in every mall in Dubai.

so we got about an hour to spare, you know how Dubai can get crowded and it was the rush hour. so we started passing by every car dealer hoping to see something interesting. And guess what !!

we saw the Ferrari 599 XX. a very limited Ferrari (24 cars will be made only) for few selected customers. that means even if you can pay double the price, you won't get it. it is exactly the same as the Enzo FXX project back in 2007.



  1. WoW!!!!
    mu 9ej :s
    yaa5y ma5allaw shay ahal fealicha !!!!!

  2. You won't believe the instruction of the car from the inside.. its a racing car made for the street!
    full of welding and no carpets!!