Thursday, September 30, 2010

My interview with Bashar Al-Shatti

As you all might noticed from previous posts..
Bashar Al Shatti, The Kuwaiti Star. Loves and adores cars, bikes and anything that goes fast.

So I decided to do a quick interview with him since fans would love to know more.

The Stig : Hi
Bashar : Eshtaby yalla 9ar 7ar, khal enbalesh

The Stig : Ok take it easy!
Bashar : la la atghashmar :P

The Stig : What does cars and bikes mean to you ?
Bashar : A hobby – started when I was a kid, I used to own a bike and then it developed into a life style J

The Stig : What was your first car ever ?
Bashar : It was in 2001 A Mercedes CLK.

The Stig : What cars you used to own?
Bashar : Too many! I won’t mention them all akhaf ya7sedoony, but I used to own :
· Mercedes CLK
· Lamborghini Gallardo
· BMW M6
· Audi R8
· Mercedes G55
· Porsche Turbo
· And now a Ferrari F430

I have the full list bas mashalla ana akhaf ta7sedoona!

The Stig : Highest Top speed ever?
Bashar : 320 km/h in the Lamborghini Gallardo.

The Stig : If you’re driving in a road of your dream, who’s in the passenger seat! And what CD you’ll listen to ?
Bashar : Kim Kerdashian, and the CD is Boys to Men.

The Stig : Most stupid Ticket?
Bashar : My Lamborghini Gallardo was parked in a no-parking area by valet parking, the police officer wrote Ferrari instead of Lamborghini LOL!

The Stig : What is your dream car ?
Bashar : Pagani Zonda & Koneiggsegg

The Stig : Best car you owned!
Bashar : Audi R8

The Stig : Last word or advice for road users.
Bashar : Take care, and choose your road before you decide to press the throttle.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dawn Run - 17/9/2010 - Part 3 - Kuwait Towers

Part 3 for the RUN was the spin on the Gulf Road from Starbucks el Beda’a.
It was nice, no non-sense speeding while people using the road.

Many people followed us to take pictures and vids.

Just enjoy some of what I’ve captured through my humble lens :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pink Stig!

Please note that we are not related what so ever, and she is not my wife :P

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dawn Run - 17/9/2010

Why do I love weekends!
Because I have lots of hidden plans!
I don’t go and plan every moment of my life.
I thank god everyday for hiding our future from us.

On Friday Dawn, we had our Dawn Run, From Strabucks el bede’a to the far side of 6th ring road. Near Bubyan Island.
The cars were amazing.
The weather was amazing.
The temperature was 28 to 32 max.
Our average cruising speed was 180 to 200 km/h
Then we stop at one of the bridges and whoever wanna race, has to go to another bridge for a U-Turn and they pass us below the bridge so no one will get involved in accidents.
7emdella, as usual. This is almost our 40th RUN and still no accidents so far.

Wait for the next post for Malageef of the RUN.
to Vain :P
Enjoy the pictures from my humble lens J

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lamborghini REVENToN Roadster

The Lamborghini REVENToN Roadster..
Simple Facts:
The chances of giving birth to a Nople Prize winner is 1 : 80.000
The chance of reaching the summit of mount Everest 1 : 2.000.000
And btw, the chances of coming back alive is 1 : 20
The chances of being attacked by a crocodile is 1 : 35.000.000
The chances of owning the new Lamborghini REVENToN Roadster is.. 1 : 700.000.000

Are you the chosen one !

This car, As it is the norm with all lamborghinis. Was names after a fighting bull. REVENToN or Reben'Ton in spanish means ''explosion'' or ''Burst''. It seems that Reben'Ton the bull killed a famous Mexican bullfighter in the 1940's. who cares ! Because otherwise the bull fighter was aiming to kill the bull!

Only 20 were ever made, sold already to some selected customers.That means, if you are willing to pay double the money, still they won't sell it to you.. or me !

11 of the total 20 cars went to the US market = 55% of total sales.

Your chances of getting a glimpse of the car is so.. madry shagool ! because most of these beasts will remain in air conditioned garages, covering low mileage. It costs 1.5 million US Dollars.


eeh ! o ba3ad !