Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dawn Run - 17/9/2010

Why do I love weekends!
Because I have lots of hidden plans!
I don’t go and plan every moment of my life.
I thank god everyday for hiding our future from us.

On Friday Dawn, we had our Dawn Run, From Strabucks el bede’a to the far side of 6th ring road. Near Bubyan Island.
The cars were amazing.
The weather was amazing.
The temperature was 28 to 32 max.
Our average cruising speed was 180 to 200 km/h
Then we stop at one of the bridges and whoever wanna race, has to go to another bridge for a U-Turn and they pass us below the bridge so no one will get involved in accidents.
7emdella, as usual. This is almost our 40th RUN and still no accidents so far.

Wait for the next post for Malageef of the RUN.
to Vain :P
Enjoy the pictures from my humble lens J


  1. Love the pics. That is waaaaaay cooooooooool. ;D

  2. thx :)

    I took the picture of the Lamborghini while doing 160 km/h :P

    and the lens I have...
    one foot long :P

  3. Man feeh flag waving Hot chick there? cause If not I'm available :Pp

  4. I'm admiring ur "Humble Lens" Loved them! You guys take care :) The GTR looks HOT!!!

  5. @Penny! emla7tha enny gemt adale3!
    Give me your secretary number so we can arrange for an appointment so you can wave once you’re free :P

    @ Ambrosial : this GTR is 700+ hp

    it will scare the shesma out of you :P

  6. Love the pictures!!
    It seems that you might be good for something after all! Is it obvious enny 7addy me7tara!:p

  7. Hahaha ay dala3 3ad ur cool man
    Sure but I'm afraid you'll hire her instead me ;/;p

  8. @Sumaiah: finally, a useful comment. And guess what! I have a job and a hobby!
    Go bleed :p

    @Penny: hire who!

  9. I believe I saw you all once -- early morning. I wanted to take pictures but I had a strong feeling my Prado wasn't going to keep up with the Lamborghinis :) I gave up on the idea.

  10. In Starbucks! Or while cruising!

  11. Just pulling out of the Starbucks parking lot -- it was so early it was dark outside. Oh, but as badly as I wanted to take pictures I would have never been one of the 'blockers' -- unless I could jump in and ride along!

  12. Join us this weekend then :)

    I was thinking of Bloggers Run for once!

  13. Great pics throu ur humble lense ;p

    Mako cops?! Wila u guys bribe them? ;p

    3alaaaaikm bil 3afya enjoy o take care ;)

  14. Such a kind offer... thank you :)

    However, I won't be in Kuwait till next weekend (currently in Abu Dhabi). If you're out next weekend provide details and I'll do my best be there.

    I just wish my photography skills were as awesome as yours.

  15. Vain.. have you seen the White Lambo ?

    and yes en7eshna marra wa7da men el cops.. it was more fun actually :P

  16. I will post some info about our next Run.. to give you guys something new to write about :)

  17. Lovely shots!

    One foot long lens and at 160.
    Hope you haven't been the one driving ;)

  18. I was driving :s

    using a 70-200mm 2.8f Nikon

  19. Grin, I did the same a few time in Germany, don't let the cops see you (there at least).

    70-200mm, nice Babe :)!

  20. I would love to this in an autoban where speeding is legal and people appreciate fast cars.

    I will visit germany once there's a major event. Like a F1 race or the 24H Nurburgring nordschlife..

    Ich bin clucklich or whatever :p