Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lamborghini REVENToN Roadster

The Lamborghini REVENToN Roadster..
Simple Facts:
The chances of giving birth to a Nople Prize winner is 1 : 80.000
The chance of reaching the summit of mount Everest 1 : 2.000.000
And btw, the chances of coming back alive is 1 : 20
The chances of being attacked by a crocodile is 1 : 35.000.000
The chances of owning the new Lamborghini REVENToN Roadster is.. 1 : 700.000.000

Are you the chosen one !

This car, As it is the norm with all lamborghinis. Was names after a fighting bull. REVENToN or Reben'Ton in spanish means ''explosion'' or ''Burst''. It seems that Reben'Ton the bull killed a famous Mexican bullfighter in the 1940's. who cares ! Because otherwise the bull fighter was aiming to kill the bull!

Only 20 were ever made, sold already to some selected customers.That means, if you are willing to pay double the money, still they won't sell it to you.. or me !

11 of the total 20 cars went to the US market = 55% of total sales.

Your chances of getting a glimpse of the car is so.. madry shagool ! because most of these beasts will remain in air conditioned garages, covering low mileage. It costs 1.5 million US Dollars.


eeh ! o ba3ad !


  1. I might be lucky! All I have to do is find a guy who owns it make him fall for me, marry him, murder him, blame the murder on the neighbor, and get the car :D

    And because your a nice guy, I'll send you a picture of the car and you can photoshop yourself next to it :)

  2. @Elwehbi : yea! I guess the only good fact that I haven't mentioned is that.. the chances of being hit by me is 1 : 20.000 :P

    @Vainglorious : youtube the name Reventon, i guess there's a Saudi guy owning one.. stalk him :P

  3. Am I the only person who thinks that Lamborghinies are ugly? And don't tell me because I'm a girl, cuz I'm not that girly!:p

  4. It is a matter of taste after all..
    But usually people think that Lamborghinis are cool, maybe if you been in one and see how people reacts to the car, you'll change your mind.