Thursday, September 30, 2010

My interview with Bashar Al-Shatti

As you all might noticed from previous posts..
Bashar Al Shatti, The Kuwaiti Star. Loves and adores cars, bikes and anything that goes fast.

So I decided to do a quick interview with him since fans would love to know more.

The Stig : Hi
Bashar : Eshtaby yalla 9ar 7ar, khal enbalesh

The Stig : Ok take it easy!
Bashar : la la atghashmar :P

The Stig : What does cars and bikes mean to you ?
Bashar : A hobby – started when I was a kid, I used to own a bike and then it developed into a life style J

The Stig : What was your first car ever ?
Bashar : It was in 2001 A Mercedes CLK.

The Stig : What cars you used to own?
Bashar : Too many! I won’t mention them all akhaf ya7sedoony, but I used to own :
· Mercedes CLK
· Lamborghini Gallardo
· BMW M6
· Audi R8
· Mercedes G55
· Porsche Turbo
· And now a Ferrari F430

I have the full list bas mashalla ana akhaf ta7sedoona!

The Stig : Highest Top speed ever?
Bashar : 320 km/h in the Lamborghini Gallardo.

The Stig : If you’re driving in a road of your dream, who’s in the passenger seat! And what CD you’ll listen to ?
Bashar : Kim Kerdashian, and the CD is Boys to Men.

The Stig : Most stupid Ticket?
Bashar : My Lamborghini Gallardo was parked in a no-parking area by valet parking, the police officer wrote Ferrari instead of Lamborghini LOL!

The Stig : What is your dream car ?
Bashar : Pagani Zonda & Koneiggsegg

The Stig : Best car you owned!
Bashar : Audi R8

The Stig : Last word or advice for road users.
Bashar : Take care, and choose your road before you decide to press the throttle.


  1. Ya7lailaa y63mh mn khairha o yakfeh mn sharha :) I cracked up 3la el Parking Ticket! LOOOL;P

  2. see he thinks Audi is the best :D
    Aham shay Kim Kardaishan , I remember he used to like Jessica Alba :P

  3. Hehe thanks, he's sweeter than what everybody thinks..

    The way he tells the story was hilarious.. We cracked up laughing in starbucks.. We looked ridiculous ;p

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  5. Penny who told you Audi is a bad car or even average!
    Ba3dain ohwa gal R8.. Mo ay Audi

    O how come you know that he used to like jessica alba!!! @@

  6. I wish i could share the whole list of his cars, but i promised him i wont :x

  7. I was about to write back to Penny saying: Penny! R8 ya shagool R8! LOL ;P

  8. 7ayach tonight..
    read the latest post o think :P

    penny shakelha 3endaha A4 :P

  9. أولا أنا قاعد اكتب عربي لأني تحديت نفسي اكتب عربي يوم يعني استحمل!
    أتذكر يوم كنت مراهقة غبية كنت أشوف ستار أكاديمي كان بشار متسابقي المفضل و أتذكر لما خسر لبست أسود (كنت صغيرة انطم!) و سويت مناحة!

    لوول سياييرا ما تقايش مكسيمتي:q
    لما تشوفا مرا ثانية قولا سمية تسلم عليك و تقولك بطل من اغاني لجنوس!

  10. I will see him tonight and will sure tell him Sumaiah etsallem 3alaik :)

    he is a great guy btw and reads a lot history and other subjects. we just got a call from him. we will be toghether on alwatan TV after tonight.

    check my latest post and see :)

  11. "the police officer wrote Ferrari instead of Lamborghini LOL"

    Thanks for the good laugh before 6am :D

  12. LooL WLAW Audi is Audi almohem gal Audi:P I know e7m (A)

  13. Thaaaank u Stig for posting this interview:)))
    "since fans would love to know more"
    oh we SURE DO!!:D