Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bentley Extreme - Part 8

The Bentley Mulsanne was on display when we were at the Yas Marine circuit.

I have never seen this much details ni any car before..

Enjoy the pictures J

The engine is hand-built and signed by Bentley Engineers

Fuel cap

Remote Control for the sound system for passengers in the back, and a mobile phone. both branded with the logo

Oil cap in the engine bay

6.75 Litre twin turbo! sexier than your mom 20 years ago :P

Brake paddles


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bentley Extreme - Part 7

The long waited feature of the event that I have been waiting for.

Driving the light weight


621 Horsepower

Bentley SuperSports

It is not a track based car since it weighs 2.4 tons. And this one has two extra seats.

I was wearing my helmet, waiting for the car to arrive with my coach test driver, when suddenly called me and introduced me to the car. Unfortunately, I needed no introduction as I already know everything. I did my homework and I know every single tech aspect.

He took me for one lap to show me the track, where to brake! Turn ! accelerate!

Back to the pits.

Switching seats..

Adjusting the seat.. come on! It is huge!

Adjusting the steering wheel!

Drop the gear into Sport.

Pull the right peddle to select first gear.

And am off! Finalllllllly !

I was going a bit faster than am suppose to be! But I was confident that the car can handle the pressure. The test driver/coach was a bit worried about my attitude :p but hey I Am The Stig :P

After few laps, I got to switch from the Bentley GT SuperSports to the Bentley Flying Spur Speed. This is a much heavier car but again FUN to drive J

I asked the test driver to take for a spin and show me the real potential of the car.

He was much more insane going sideways in every corner.

All I remember is that I was smiling all the time..

I think what happened to me was almost like having a new baby!

Or you got a call from Alessandra Ambrosio telling you that you`re hot!

Orgasmic feeling :p

Bentley Extreme - Part 6

After the helicopter, our group get to be passengers in the old Blower Bentley that was built in 1930. The original car.

It is very rare and still running up to 80 miles an hour which is almost 140 km/h. this car used to be running up to 110 miles an hour in the old days, this particular car cost almost 2 million pound = 1 million KD.

They also have one of the original cars that raced n LeMans back then. It was really enjoyable. I know most of you will not know what`s the feeling like because you don`t like cars! But look at it like Elvis`s original jacket!

Finally Mr.Na`el Al-Zayyani wanted to be driven in it J

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bentley Extreme - Part 5

After The Yacht we came back to the villa.. only 5 of us

Since they divided us into 3 groups.

We waited for the next big thing..

A guy came in.. he look smarter than me!

And said : we have to wait.. too much air traffic!

To me that sounded like NASA!

Then he came again and said lets go.. another golf car waiting outside.. but no girls bind the wheel!

And again.. guess what !

A Helicopter! Another new thing for me.. am so luck :P

Since I was with the private jet pilot on the way to Abu Dhabi.. I get to sit in the front next to the pilot :P

Or maybe to take better shots! Thank god the guys usually appreciate the fact that they have a friend with a camera. So they let do what I want. It is an advantage sometimes, but your camera can be a pain in the a**

We flew above the track and Ferrari theme park that will open soon.

Enjoy some of the pictures J

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bentley Extreme - Part 4

The big day of the whole event.

I woke up really early since I was too excited about the event. I called the guys for the breakfast and then we got SMS to prepare the checkout since we will not be coming back to the rooms since the event will finish at four and the late checkout is not possible @5 pm.

We were promised a villa like those dedicated to the formula 1 teams usually get on a race day.

A golf car was waiting for us with a beautiful British female driver. I am a fan o female drivers but golf cars :P

Anyway, we arrived at the villa, we signed some papers but I still don`t know I signed for what! But I was ready to sign anything that day.

When the whole group was there, they divided us into 3 groups.

A brief of the program was presented by Bentley Middle East and Africa Chief. It was so welcoming, but I wanted to start.

While waiting, we were looking at the yachts from all sizes and wishing to be in one those yachts for a moment. When suddenly we got a call to go down..

And guess what !

It was a yacht trip for all of us!

It was 85 feet long

2 master bedrooms

2 other bedrooms with single beds

The living room was so good to be called living room, it was supposed to be “Ultra living room”

And the drvier or “The Captin” was a young swedesh guy.

When I went to the upper level he was there driving the yacht with a remote control device! Like the one you use for small toy boats!

After the spin in the Yacht we came back to the villa waiting for our next event in the program..

Stay tuned ;)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bentley Extreme - Part 3

Arrived in Abu Dhabi, in the VVIP hall.

Two small buses were parked outside to take us to the hotel. It was about 20 mins. From the airport.

The Yas Hotel.

An amazing place to be for car enthusiasts, especially when you know that the hotel is surrounded by the Formula 1 track, and the track is surrounded with the Yachts of all sizes and models up to 100 feet long yachts.

A team from Al-Zayyani was welcoming us along with a team of Bentley and they handed us keys to the rooms.

The rooms were spacious and comfy, the racing style was applied slightly to give you the impression that you are staying in a track/hotel.

After checking out the rooms, we agreed to meet at the lobby since some of the guys told us that they have great sheesha. And we are supposed to have dinner @ 8:30 to meet the Bentley team and welcoming us.

The restaurants is called “Atayeb” Moroccan style, very nice.

I sat on table and afterwards few people joined us including Na’el Al-Zayyani, The owner of Al-Zayyani group.

And another guy from Bentley, hes been working with Bentley for the past 38 years!!! Imagine! 38 years and still enjoying work.. I guess I will shift and change my career to something in the automotive industry.

Dinner was served and believe it or not, the discussion was nothing but cars. The best dewaneya to be :P

We headed back to our rooms to have a good sleep for the next big day event.

You wanna be shocked? Wait for the next post J

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bentley Extreme - Part 2

We got into the private jet, it was so cozy and classy. There are no seats! It was all full of 14 couches all rotate 360 degrees. So you decide which side you want to sit and whom to talk with :P

The most important news for the guys in the back was “ Smoking is allowed” during flight.

I asked the flight attendant : Can you ask the pilot if I can take some pictures of the cockpit before the flight!

Flight attendant : would you like to sit inside during the takeoff and landing?

Me : do you think I will say no thanks !

And there I was :D

Pilot : in case of emergencies, do you know what to do?

Me : whats the possibility that we gonna die ?

Pilot : now answer me! Do you know what to do ?

Me : yes we have one at home! Of course not!

Pilot : open the window, throw it out and use the rope to get down. But don`t cut your leg.

Me : who usually die first ? pilots or passengers ?

Pilot : ….!!!

But I have to admit that I took very cool shots from the inside and then we became friends :P

When we arrived at Abu Dhabi airport, there was a red carpet and a VVIP lounge. They finished our papers while we enjoyed Arabian coffee and Moroccan tea.

Then we headed for the Yas Hotel..

Will tell you more.. soon

Bentley Extreme - Part 1

Back to blogging..

So if you’ve been aware that my last post was almost 10 days ago and I was promising you to post about the Abu Dhabi trip.

First of all I will start with the first post which is the trip itself and I will keep hitting you for the few coming days.

I got a SMS from Al-Zayyani to be at the airport @2:00 PM, and when I asked what time is the flight, the answer was.. there’s no specific time! When everybody is there, we`ll leave!

Huh! Yea it’s a private jet so we decide when we fly.

When everybody was there..

Few pictures together wearing Bentley hats..

Someone from United Air guided us to the first class pass. Through to the arrival hall, to a secret gate.

A bus was waiting to take us to the jet.

I love airports in general cuz I feel they’re so organized, except our airport!

Then we got to the jet…

Will tell you more soon J

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento - Full Image

Finally, the wait is over. After 6 tantalizing teaser images, I have the full details and high res photos of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept (Sixth Element Concept) I love the Italian Name :P.

Utilizing advanced carbon fiber construction technology, the demonstration vehicle has a curb weight of just 999 kilograms (Lighter than The McLaren F1) compared to the Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera's dry weight of 1,340 kg.

Included in that mass is a naturally-aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine also from the LP 570-4 Superleggera with (562 bhp) and permanent all-wheel drive which renders a power-to-weight ratio of only 1.75 kilograms per horsepower. 0 to 100 km/h takes only 2.5 seconds and top speed is well above 300 km/h - previously reported as 350 km/h (217.5 mph). These are just the surface highlights.