Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bentley Extreme - Part 3

Arrived in Abu Dhabi, in the VVIP hall.

Two small buses were parked outside to take us to the hotel. It was about 20 mins. From the airport.

The Yas Hotel.

An amazing place to be for car enthusiasts, especially when you know that the hotel is surrounded by the Formula 1 track, and the track is surrounded with the Yachts of all sizes and models up to 100 feet long yachts.

A team from Al-Zayyani was welcoming us along with a team of Bentley and they handed us keys to the rooms.

The rooms were spacious and comfy, the racing style was applied slightly to give you the impression that you are staying in a track/hotel.

After checking out the rooms, we agreed to meet at the lobby since some of the guys told us that they have great sheesha. And we are supposed to have dinner @ 8:30 to meet the Bentley team and welcoming us.

The restaurants is called “Atayeb” Moroccan style, very nice.

I sat on table and afterwards few people joined us including Na’el Al-Zayyani, The owner of Al-Zayyani group.

And another guy from Bentley, hes been working with Bentley for the past 38 years!!! Imagine! 38 years and still enjoying work.. I guess I will shift and change my career to something in the automotive industry.

Dinner was served and believe it or not, the discussion was nothing but cars. The best dewaneya to be :P

We headed back to our rooms to have a good sleep for the next big day event.

You wanna be shocked? Wait for the next post J


  1. Ooops, I forgot to ask...Did you meet any cougars while you were there? We want details! ;)

  2. No Actually one of the British guys was with his wife, both above 60!

    that was the only female along with the two half naked on the Yacht..

    oops ! did that revealed my next post ;P

  3. Wow! A discussion I'd enjoy ;) o Bl3afyah :)