Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bentley Extreme - Part 1

Back to blogging..

So if you’ve been aware that my last post was almost 10 days ago and I was promising you to post about the Abu Dhabi trip.

First of all I will start with the first post which is the trip itself and I will keep hitting you for the few coming days.

I got a SMS from Al-Zayyani to be at the airport @2:00 PM, and when I asked what time is the flight, the answer was.. there’s no specific time! When everybody is there, we`ll leave!

Huh! Yea it’s a private jet so we decide when we fly.

When everybody was there..

Few pictures together wearing Bentley hats..

Someone from United Air guided us to the first class pass. Through to the arrival hall, to a secret gate.

A bus was waiting to take us to the jet.

I love airports in general cuz I feel they’re so organized, except our airport!

Then we got to the jet…

Will tell you more soon J


  1. 7mdlla 3la slama :D cant wait for the next post !

  2. allah esalmech..

    tonight.. just wait!

  3. il7amdila 3asalama :D

    hope you had fun o '3ayyart jaw :)

  4. Allah esalmech thx

    Fun can not describe the trip.. you'll see why later on ;)

  5. I will let you if anything pops up soon :P

    so you can do more guy-ish stuff

  6. El7imdilah 3la elsalamh buddy :D Looks exciting, deciding when to take off is cool!

  7. Allah esalmech

    yea! we felt free to decide 9ara7a :p

  8. i think i want to go back to mom's belly and be born to being a guy to do all that stuff

    9ij 9ij mashalaaaah !!

  9. Why ! you can still be a girl and do everything I did!

    It is just that I like cars so much so I got offered :)

  10. why ? hmm , because my dad wont let me :D