Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bentley Extreme - Part 2

We got into the private jet, it was so cozy and classy. There are no seats! It was all full of 14 couches all rotate 360 degrees. So you decide which side you want to sit and whom to talk with :P

The most important news for the guys in the back was “ Smoking is allowed” during flight.

I asked the flight attendant : Can you ask the pilot if I can take some pictures of the cockpit before the flight!

Flight attendant : would you like to sit inside during the takeoff and landing?

Me : do you think I will say no thanks !

And there I was :D

Pilot : in case of emergencies, do you know what to do?

Me : whats the possibility that we gonna die ?

Pilot : now answer me! Do you know what to do ?

Me : yes we have one at home! Of course not!

Pilot : open the window, throw it out and use the rope to get down. But don`t cut your leg.

Me : who usually die first ? pilots or passengers ?

Pilot : ….!!!

But I have to admit that I took very cool shots from the inside and then we became friends :P

When we arrived at Abu Dhabi airport, there was a red carpet and a VVIP lounge. They finished our papers while we enjoyed Arabian coffee and Moroccan tea.

Then we headed for the Yas Hotel..

Will tell you more.. soon


  1. Great pix! :D

    Wanasa sounds fun!! Can't wait to read the rest of the story... ;p

  2. I seriously love your pics!
    Inshallah you had fun in the island! Waiting for the rest.

  3. @Vain : thanks, sounds cool, i have never been in the cockpit of the pilot during the takeoff and landing ever!

    @anonymoue : stay tuned :)
    thanks for visiting my little blog ;)

  4. Awesome pics and sounds like the best weekend trip ever.

  5. It is not even a weekend, It was less than 48 hours in total. :(

  6. That is so cool!
    LOL @ "Who usually dies first? pilots or passengers?"

  7. I still don't know who die first :P