Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bentley Extreme - Part 5

After The Yacht we came back to the villa.. only 5 of us

Since they divided us into 3 groups.

We waited for the next big thing..

A guy came in.. he look smarter than me!

And said : we have to wait.. too much air traffic!

To me that sounded like NASA!

Then he came again and said lets go.. another golf car waiting outside.. but no girls bind the wheel!

And again.. guess what !

A Helicopter! Another new thing for me.. am so luck :P

Since I was with the private jet pilot on the way to Abu Dhabi.. I get to sit in the front next to the pilot :P

Or maybe to take better shots! Thank god the guys usually appreciate the fact that they have a friend with a camera. So they let do what I want. It is an advantage sometimes, but your camera can be a pain in the a**

We flew above the track and Ferrari theme park that will open soon.

Enjoy some of the pictures J


  1. Seems like u had fun, el7emdelellah 3asalama we're happy to have u back :)

  2. Allah esalmech, yea lots of fun. i don`t think am gonna have another 24 hours like those again..

    and am happy to be back :)