Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bentley Extreme - Part 7

The long waited feature of the event that I have been waiting for.

Driving the light weight


621 Horsepower

Bentley SuperSports

It is not a track based car since it weighs 2.4 tons. And this one has two extra seats.

I was wearing my helmet, waiting for the car to arrive with my coach test driver, when suddenly called me and introduced me to the car. Unfortunately, I needed no introduction as I already know everything. I did my homework and I know every single tech aspect.

He took me for one lap to show me the track, where to brake! Turn ! accelerate!

Back to the pits.

Switching seats..

Adjusting the seat.. come on! It is huge!

Adjusting the steering wheel!

Drop the gear into Sport.

Pull the right peddle to select first gear.

And am off! Finalllllllly !

I was going a bit faster than am suppose to be! But I was confident that the car can handle the pressure. The test driver/coach was a bit worried about my attitude :p but hey I Am The Stig :P

After few laps, I got to switch from the Bentley GT SuperSports to the Bentley Flying Spur Speed. This is a much heavier car but again FUN to drive J

I asked the test driver to take for a spin and show me the real potential of the car.

He was much more insane going sideways in every corner.

All I remember is that I was smiling all the time..

I think what happened to me was almost like having a new baby!

Or you got a call from Alessandra Ambrosio telling you that you`re hot!

Orgasmic feeling :p