Monday, November 29, 2010

2nd Trip to Bahrain

Our 2nd trip to Bahrain for the track day was on the 25th of November 2010. I was so tired because I had to go to one of my best friend’s wedding on Wednesday night. I slept very late that night and we were suppose to leave at 4 am.
I slept at 2 and woke up to see my mobile blinking. It was one of the guys who kept calling me for 13 times to wake me up! The alarm went off for some reason, but my friend did not gave up trying to wake me up. I woke up, showered, dressed, put everything in the car.. and out to the borders in 40 mins total!
I was doing 280 km/h at 4 am !

It was 10 degrees outside, really cold. And when we arrived to the borders, I discovered that my car registration was lost! I kept looking for it for another 10 mins, but thank god I got it.
As usual, it was Thursday morning, In Saudia Arabia Thursday is an off day, so everyone was sleeping which was an advantage for us to get to Bahrain with no traffic at all.

We had 2 GT3 RS Porsches among the group of cars, one was coming Dawn time, the other one followed us evening time along with a Ferrari 360.

The Lamborghini is the car that attract attention eveywhere we go.. it looks cooler next to trucks :)

We stopped for fuel, although we can reach Bahrain with the same tank, but some of the guys wanted to be in the safe side, so we stopped, people were looking at the cars like UFOs.

Everyone needs to pee!

and we reached the Bahrain Bridge finally

Then to the Track for reservation..
Stay tuned for more

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bahrain Open Track Day - Part 3

While we were at the track, a bunch of Bahraini guys came along and we shared the pits. They had some amazing cars.
Usually in Bahrain (as a frequent visitor) you don’t see sports cars in the streets as it is the way in Kuwait. Because in Bahrain they these open track days every once in while. And a lot of events held in BIC like Formula one racnig, GT races.. etc. so cars enthusiasts are a bit busy following these events and having all the fun. That’s why you don’t see EXTREME snd expensive sports cars roaming the streets and chasing after girls in Bahrain.
While in Kuwait, poor guys. They pay huge amounts (if we excluded the entry level sports cars) on super cars just for the sake of nothing! We have collectors only.
And that’s leads to :
· Street racing.
· Chasing girls.
· Drifting.
· Parking cars in a No-Parking areas (Bede3 – Salheya – 360 mall entrence and so on.
· Lots of deaths.
· Speeding tickets.
I am not saying that we need a track because this will never happen. But I will say go to Bahrain.
Some of the cars that I was seeing for the first time in reality was the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. Very rare.
And there were also the new Ferrari Italia 458 and the Porsche GT3 RS.
Enjoy some of the pictures : )

Carbon Fiber everywhere

This Sticker cost 3000 KD

No Radio, No aircon. they just made the vents in case.

Carbon doors

Tri-exhaust system - F40 look

The RPM is the mos important of all dials in a Ferrari

Change Up

Hope you liked it :)

Cars of Celebrities

Justin Bieber
Ferrari F430

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bahrain Open Track Day - Part 2

This is the big day of the open track, we woke up really early to reach there as we already paid for a full day entry fees. The circuit opens from 8 am to 4 pm we reached there at 9.

It was Thursday and we got stock in the morning za7ma.. we got to a total of 10 cars the next day. As I told you in the previous post that 5 cars are following us the next day. 10 supercars roaming the streets of Bahrain! We got lost..

Eventually I was the only one knows the route from the hotel to the BIC (Bahrain International Circuit). Followed by 9 cars in the morning za7ma too many traffic lights.. the team got shredded! I was holding two mobiles telling people where to go.. I was so fussed and angry.. am always angry :P

After 45 minutes we reached the track.

We got a small briefing and a helmet. We’re good to go.

I was the first one to hit the track.. two laps then back to the pits. Cooling the cars off and telling the guys to be careful as this is not a U-Turn and roundabouts.

I was not able to take pictures inside the car as the camera and my lens were not allowed L

Enjoy the pictures J

and the day was over

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bahrain Open Track Day - Part 1

I have been away lately, doing some stunts with the rest of the guys (same guys)..

My last series of posts were about our trip to Abu Dhabi.
We drove our cars from Kuwait to Bahrain to enjoy the BIC, Open Track Day. driving super cars through Saudia Arabia is an adventure in itself.

People there tend to chase us for the sake of nothing.. maybe because we are Kuwaitis ?
We believe that they hate our number plats!

Anyway.. our meeting venue is the usual.. Starbucks el Beda'a @ 4 AM..
We started as 5 cars.. as some of the guys are lazy and decided to follow us later. and one guy lost his passport.. sounds common!

We stopped at Mc to grab something to eat, Redbull.. etc
Thank God the borders were clear.

Saudis are funny, they call every fast car a Lamborghini.. and they think all the cars can reach 360km/h. why!

leaving Kuwait @ 5 am and reaching Bahrain @ 10 is considered turtle slow. I am not used to that type of speed while travelling by car. but it was an enjoyable ride although the 5 of us were travelling alone.

we reached the track, booked for next day, paid. and we are good to go.

Wait for the big day of the Open Track event :D