Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bahrain Open Track Day - Part 1

I have been away lately, doing some stunts with the rest of the guys (same guys)..

My last series of posts were about our trip to Abu Dhabi.
We drove our cars from Kuwait to Bahrain to enjoy the BIC, Open Track Day. driving super cars through Saudia Arabia is an adventure in itself.

People there tend to chase us for the sake of nothing.. maybe because we are Kuwaitis ?
We believe that they hate our number plats!

Anyway.. our meeting venue is the usual.. Starbucks el Beda'a @ 4 AM..
We started as 5 cars.. as some of the guys are lazy and decided to follow us later. and one guy lost his passport.. sounds common!

We stopped at Mc to grab something to eat, Redbull.. etc
Thank God the borders were clear.

Saudis are funny, they call every fast car a Lamborghini.. and they think all the cars can reach 360km/h. why!

leaving Kuwait @ 5 am and reaching Bahrain @ 10 is considered turtle slow. I am not used to that type of speed while travelling by car. but it was an enjoyable ride although the 5 of us were travelling alone.

we reached the track, booked for next day, paid. and we are good to go.

Wait for the big day of the Open Track event :D

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