Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bahrain Open Track Day - Part 2

This is the big day of the open track, we woke up really early to reach there as we already paid for a full day entry fees. The circuit opens from 8 am to 4 pm we reached there at 9.

It was Thursday and we got stock in the morning za7ma.. we got to a total of 10 cars the next day. As I told you in the previous post that 5 cars are following us the next day. 10 supercars roaming the streets of Bahrain! We got lost..

Eventually I was the only one knows the route from the hotel to the BIC (Bahrain International Circuit). Followed by 9 cars in the morning za7ma too many traffic lights.. the team got shredded! I was holding two mobiles telling people where to go.. I was so fussed and angry.. am always angry :P

After 45 minutes we reached the track.

We got a small briefing and a helmet. We’re good to go.

I was the first one to hit the track.. two laps then back to the pits. Cooling the cars off and telling the guys to be careful as this is not a U-Turn and roundabouts.

I was not able to take pictures inside the car as the camera and my lens were not allowed L

Enjoy the pictures J

and the day was over


  1. Seems fun :D

    So is it open for everyone wila fi complicated conditions?

  2. It is open for everyone, and I am going tomorrow :D

    wish me luck!