Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bahrain Open Track Day - Part 3

While we were at the track, a bunch of Bahraini guys came along and we shared the pits. They had some amazing cars.
Usually in Bahrain (as a frequent visitor) you don’t see sports cars in the streets as it is the way in Kuwait. Because in Bahrain they these open track days every once in while. And a lot of events held in BIC like Formula one racnig, GT races.. etc. so cars enthusiasts are a bit busy following these events and having all the fun. That’s why you don’t see EXTREME snd expensive sports cars roaming the streets and chasing after girls in Bahrain.
While in Kuwait, poor guys. They pay huge amounts (if we excluded the entry level sports cars) on super cars just for the sake of nothing! We have collectors only.
And that’s leads to :
· Street racing.
· Chasing girls.
· Drifting.
· Parking cars in a No-Parking areas (Bede3 – Salheya – 360 mall entrence and so on.
· Lots of deaths.
· Speeding tickets.
I am not saying that we need a track because this will never happen. But I will say go to Bahrain.
Some of the cars that I was seeing for the first time in reality was the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. Very rare.
And there were also the new Ferrari Italia 458 and the Porsche GT3 RS.
Enjoy some of the pictures : )

Carbon Fiber everywhere

This Sticker cost 3000 KD

No Radio, No aircon. they just made the vents in case.

Carbon doors

Tri-exhaust system - F40 look

The RPM is the mos important of all dials in a Ferrari

Change Up

Hope you liked it :)


  1. I HEART CARBON FIRBRE!!! Loved the pics. ;)

  2. I love the pictures. you are seriously talented!

    The deaths in Kuwaits aren't as much as in K.S.A. We have a lot of people dying because of car accidents.

    Hope you enjoyed it:)

  3. watching your blog makes a person super hungry for speed!

  4. these cars are just TOO HOT to handle !!

  5. Heaven : Thanks for the comment, deaths in Kuwait are less in numbers, but comparing to the total numbers of Kuwaitis, we are the highest. I am not proud, but that's the truth.

    Kuwaitful : go do some 200s and get back :P

    Justnoon : Yea, it was so hard for me not to ask for permission to get into the cars and take pictures, bas ma khaleet-ha eb kha6ry

  6. Really digging your photography man! Keep up the fantastic work!

  7. Thanks man :)

    you should join us once