Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2nd Trip to Bahrain - part 2

Straight from the borders to the track to pay for the next day event, The Open Track day. you'll pay 75 BD for a full day access. you will get a briefing on you should use the track, what to do in case of emergencies and when to stop.

Since we've been there last month, our group was the big topic in Bahrain for that week. and people were broadcasting about us. that a group of Kuwaiti guys drove all the way from Kuwait with their cars to attend the track day. so the Chief Executive of the Track, Shiekh Salman Bin Eissa was having a meeting in the tower. and he heard that we came again for the event. he came down to say Hi and greet. he is so humble and we were lucky to take a picture with him. and asked people to allocate the best garages for us the next day.

We just paid and left happily :P

Our Next destenation as Al-Areen Palace (used to be Banyan Tree) it is a 5 stars resort. the building cost 1 billion dollar to be completed. you would think that this is a huge amount of money for a hotel. but once you're there you'll know why.

Unfrtunatley I was tired and not in the mood for taking pictures, but anyway this is the shower room, and it has a door that can take you to small hidden garden with another shower outside as in the above picture. no one used it as we don't trust each other :P

The tub, just in case you wanted a hot bath or some in-room-massage :P

This is the private pool inside the villa it is 5 x 6 meters with two Jacuzzis on the sides.
The place is like heaven on earth. The villa comes along with a meeting room with all facilities, a Dewaneya for guests, Two master rooms with two living rooms.