Sunday, December 12, 2010

2nd Trip to Bahrain - part 4 - My lil friend

Things you see at the track

Meet my new little friend William

This kid can not even talk, but he only knows how to say Mama, dada and Pocha (he means Porsche)

The rear wing of the 997.2 GT3

some bikers, actually lots of them.

Few laps in a GT2 997


  1. Adopt him! Hey can say Porsche ;p

  2. WYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SHINOOOOOOOOOOO HATHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! shlon ma kalaitaa!! loooooooooooool!! mashallah eyaniiiiiiin;****

    o shloooooooooon sigt ehnaak?!! shinoo fe ehnak racing track o ay a7ad yegder esoooug & speed in it?? kilish ma 7araitni:((

    o 3alaaaaaaaaaaaik bil 3afyaa:D

  3. First of all, I hate kids.. but this one cab say Porsche.

    And you can drive just if you have a valid driving license and you will get a small briefing of what to do in a track.

    There is an event held by Kuwaiti girls and they will go to Bahrain on January.