Friday, December 24, 2010

GulfRun gathering and dinner

We got invited to the GulfRun Drivers' gathering in one of the warehouses in shuwaikh. I didn't realize that the event is going to be this HUGE. I thought that it is only a small gathering.

This is the GulfRun 6.. it has been 6 years so far and GulfRun is doing something unique..

There was 3 walls full of pictures of GulfRun drivers from 1st year to last year. which is 5 years back.. total sucess I say.
There were 3 hotties on display. A Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano in pearl white, A Mercdes-Benz SLS AMG and The Ford GT.

It was annouced that the SLS will be in BIC and everyone will get a ride in it! cool isn't it ?

I sat in the car for few shots, and on the way out, I smashed my head to the door! no cool isn't it ?

For a car lover, I was so happy to see companies sposor such events in Kuwait. One day enshalla we should have our own track ane see people from the gulf do the same event and come to kuwait.
This is the secret place (GR Warehouse) or HQ

Sheesha was available, Fajitas , Shawarma and sweets were the highlight of the event for those who came in to eat :P

The music they played was nice not loud as a lounge, but something in the background.


I couldn't resist to take pictures from inside the Ford GT.. Such an amazing car from the inside.. I didn't rielize that the quality of an American car interior can be so decent before this car.


  1. thanks for sharing, would you share us where exactly the location is and when it the last time , I'd like to pass, is it girls allowed?:p

  2. SLS AMG is not a got a good replacement for the SLR McLaren!

    Great shots ;)

  3. *Not a "good" replacement. U get it ;p

  4. Pauline, this is a one day event for the drivers and staff as a get together only,but I will let you know when Is the GR car show is going to be.

  5. Ambrosial - the SLS was never meant to be a replacement for the SLR. They're two different car from all aspects.

    If I go into details you might get pregnant :p