Wednesday, December 15, 2010

McLaren MP4-12C Launch VIP Invitation

I got an invitation through one of my friends t the Launch of the new McLaren MP4-12C in Alraya Ballroom.

It was very exclusive, about 40 people or less were invited. I as lucky enough to be amongst those 40.

That's My invitation dangler.
I will not bore with the technical information as long as am not going to add something new. everything is available online.

The took our names at the gate to make sure of the invitations, then everything seemed to be white and orange!

I was carrying my camera and feeling shy not to be mixed with the press since i was one of few people wearing casual stuff along with the press.. everyone else seemed to know what they are doing! Deshdasha was the big hit!

On display and before we reached the car, we got an access to a computer where you can custom your car from zero to everything you want. and these are the colors available for the exterior.

This is how the car would look naked! the chassis, engine and everything.

The steering is obviously small and semi-oval bottom helps easy access to the car. It has a paddle shift gearbox and the paddles are mounted behind the wheels. one of my friends thinks that the steering wheel is relatively similar to Mercedes somehow, I couldn't argue cuz he owns a couple of mercs and he knows what he's saying.

The Brake system is claimed to be very effective even for those steel brakes. the actual car tested from the factory and covered over a 100,000 miles came with the standard steel brakes. they said that unless you go to the track every weekend, you won't need them.

The 3.8 Liter engine that was designed solely for this car. not as the Old McLaren F1 which was a 6.1 Liter developed by BMW M Division. or the 5.5 Liter that stuffed the SLR.

One of the turbos. as the engine is a twin turbine engine. which means high torque even on low speed.

after a boring speech, and the car is still covered. I was about to sleep. but thank god there was an engineer from the ones that used and still works on the old McLaren F1 car. Looking at him was a bit comforting :P

Moment of truth! naaaaaaah

I have already seen the car in many vids and pics. but to be honest, I was hoping to see in real life .

Everything in this car functional over formal. every vent is there for a reason.

The doors open almost like the SLR.

What a nice back you have :P

I was lucky enough to be the first to sit in the car, for someone of my figure, it is perfect. I wonder how someone that is 190cm tall or more would find the headroom of the car. you sit too low :/

Aerodynamics, Transmission, Traction control, Launch control and suspension all comes in a very accessible place for the driver. while the Aircon and other stuff comes within the switches in the door.

very simple

Hope you like it :)


  1. You should see it in reality, it looks more fabulous and neat. I got the chance to have a small chat with a guy from the factory and he was talking about some of the development of the car and the engine.

    Such a great car..
    I don't blame you for loving it

  2. Very well composed photos you got out there. Do you have an flickr account? I am very interested in seeing your photography collection.

  3. Thanks Hash.. yes I do have but unfortunately I lost the password to my account :P

  4. That's an event I wanted to take you to :P

    Top notch ppl, His highness stuff :P