Saturday, January 8, 2011

Al-Farsi Kiting Team.

If you read the previus post you'll know by now that we had fa6ayer and headed back to chalet!
we had nothing special to do, so we decided to go and check out Al-Farsi Kiting Team.

Enjoy the pictures :)

They looked small from a distance, as we fools decided to walk all the way.
Then it appeared to be 3 to 4 km away.

This kid was waving and asking me to take a picture of him! I hate kids in general. but I liked this guys for being so eager to be shot! I wish it was a gun!

The closer we got the bigger the kites become! they are HUGE!

This a full picture of what iw as looking at! through a Fisheye lens.

I was between the legs of a bear for a moment!

If you would know why I hated the kid!
He went out pulling every robe to get the kites down!!! and his father was laughing. I shouted at him so loud that he ran away! F*#$!

Thanks to FR for the Fisheye lens.


  1. LOOOL @ "I wish it was a gun!" I know what u mean! ;p

    When I insistently saw the pic. taken with the "fisheye lens" I went allaaaaah fisheye lens pic! Then read that u took the pic. using a fisheye lens! LOL ;P Then I started praising myself on telling the difference between lenses! LOL ;P

    Great shots buddy! Group-kom mashallah ywanis, its a shame we can't join u ;p

  2. If you want, I will have the team to do bloggers Run for you.

    and take you to the Farsi Team.
    we are having lots of fun because we don't go to malls!

  3. I hate going to malls! I usually spend the weekends at home or the chalet! That's why I wanna join the Karting thing!

    Thanks ;) That last pic. reminds me of Vainglorious! LOL ;P I don't know why, it just does! ;p

  4. Reminds you of her! Why?
    Does she bite! Or have a hard skin!

    All we know she's called Vain :p

  5. Funny that I actually suggested to my friends that we should go kiting this weekend. Haha..!!

    Nice ones and the kites are huge..!! Seems like you guys had a blast.

  6. LOL! No it's just the colors reminds of a Dragon Fruit... which resembles her personality! lol ;p

    I bet that she'll like that lizard thing than the floating bear! ;P

  7. love picture #1:)

    I hate kids too. yet i hate them all the time, not for a specific reason.

  8. was this last friday ?

  9. Rummy : yea we had fun, we had one of those cool weekends :)

    Ambrosial :I am waiting till she sees your comment :p

    Princess : how come you like pic no 1? Everything is black and you can't see anything.. I just used it to show that we are at the chalet!

    Just noon : yes dear, Friday indeed!

  10. Nice photos, looks like a lot of fun.

  11. M : yea it was fun, something new for the weekend. You should give them a visit.

  12. haha , i was on my way to 5afji that day , saw them and took photos too :P

  13. Justnoon : what the hell would anyone do in khafji :/

  14. we went to hungry bunny :P

  15. Love ur Pics Mashallah ! but 7ram
    3la el little one :P Thank god you didn't have a gun LOOL

  16. The sad thing is that he's father said nothing when he pulled the strings. Like if it's something normal.

    I was just thinking later we should kill the father :p