Saturday, January 8, 2011

Al-Zour Trip - Fa6ayer for Fun!

On Friday morning, or lets call it Dawn. We decided to have breakfast all together.
Again, Our gathering point is Starbucks Al-Bede'a.

It was too cold to stay outside, and the guys can't sit inside since it is not allowed to smoke.
So one of the guys said : lets go to Al-Zour for fa6ayer!
everyone agreed including me. cuz the original plan was to go to Chalet afterwards.

So we drove 100 km to eat fa6ayer.
It was extra cold out there.

Anyway we reached Al-Zour and the street was not good at all for the cars we are driving. and everyone was looking at us as an aliens !
We parked and started to take some pictures as the place was almost like a deserted city. no sings of civilization whatsoever.

We went inside to order our fa6ayer! like the ones you see in the picture below.. that is my pizza!

I thought that we might get food poisoning afterwards, but the guy who suggested this survived before, so did we.

And into the oven! is that an oven anyway ?
I decided to go out and take some shots as there is nothing available in the city with the same layout or feel.

That is the side of the restaurant, For non-Arabic readers, LEARN ARABIC :P

Mail box ! I haven't seen one of those in a while.. with BBM and whatsApp I don't think this will be useful :P

but this is an indication on how it is going on there :P

B&W.. aaaaaah such a nice picture (madda7 nafsa :p)

Chabati & Kara3een is very popular there, we might go again for another tryout. If you dare to join, let me know..

Finally, we got a call to go back to the base :P
We got our fa6ayer ready and hot.

Believe it or not, I would go again just to have fa6ayer there.. it is different. I am not reviewing it :P
But the guy who suggested it was right. it is worth driving for!

Finally and as Usual, we went to al-Zour gas station for the Ultra Fuel.
and then we headed for the chalet to rest.

You think I am done! no..

Wait for the next post..


  1. Klish wla "بدكم فطاير" LOL! Lovely post, thanks for sharing, the fa6ayr looks yummy.. 3awafii Stiggy ;)

  2. Thank Ambrosial o allah e3afeech.

    Never go there.. or you'll be not just a post, but a headline!:P

  3. allaaaaaaah wanasa!:D bl3afia Stig:) that's nice to step out of the modernized city and have a bite out of town. waiting for the next post:)

    p.s: I'm having fa6ayer right now:)

  4. Princess : As you said your majesty, it was fun and cool. I swear that some of the guys there was thinking that we were driving backwards as they never seen such cars before :P

    I am working on my next post while you are eating your fa6ayer ;P

    bil 3afia Princess and sorry for being such a naughty citizen :P

  5. WaaaaaaaaaaaaNaaaaaSaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 3awaaaaaaaaaaaafiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    And for sure! Loved ur pics!!;)

  6. The fa6ayer seems mouth watering and exquisite..!!

    When's the next post?!