Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cars of Celebrities - Kim Kardashian

Porsche Cayenne GTS


  1. Silly, but important..

    You wish you got her... Cars

  2. Lool I don't want her cars silly! I want her other stuff ;p

  3. Hmm... I guess I meant that message but it was embedded

    Not smart enough after all as you claimed..

  4. Looool well I have my off moments! And I don't have to prove anything to you!

  5. Happy new year Stig:D may all your "speedy" dreams come true and for more races to come:)

    oh, by the way i didn't know kim had kids!

  6. Thanks yorur majesty, I will be going for a race sooner than you think ;)

    And don't tell Nyone, but thats my kid :/

  7. I just care about her....
    cars :P

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  9. I am such a fan but I couldn't tell what car loans she was driving. Wait, was she going to put the baby at the back of the car? That is just so Kardashian!

  10. LOL, is she about to put her baby in the trunk? Let's hope not haha
    All kidding aside, Kim is hot... but she's getting up there in age. Let's hope she maintains her body.

    - James From 4AutoInsuranceQuote