Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cars of Celebrities - Sharon Stone

Bentley GTC

Sahron Stone


  1. i liked her heels:)
    as for the car, not a big fan. I just liked the innitial "B" ;)

  2. Loool girls always look the heels :p

    Am not a big fan too but I admit it is one of the best usable luxury cars in the world, I mean something above the BMW and Mercedes..

    And I drove the car couple of times.. It nice to drive, but if you're tiny and kinda short.. DONT

  3. I'd prefer a BMW 760 to this in all honesty..!! Much more unique <3

  4. Rummy : you can't compare a two doors car to a four door sedan!

    BMW still have nothing to compete in this category exept the M6 which is again not in the same level of luxury, but more powerful.

  5. I was simply looking at in the sense of what I would rather be seen with.

    And I did compare it based on its specs since both have the same.

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