Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gulf Run 6 - Car Show @360 Mall

Today I went to 360 mall for the GR6 Car Show. I thought the mall will be empty since the exams are at the door for most of the schools!  But No! I was Wrong.

It was only 17 degrees, but it was so damn freezing ! like if the cold air was channeled to my face!
I was enjoying every moment with friends and not talking about anything but cars. and proud of what few Kuwaiti ambitious guys managed to run successfully for 6 years :)

After this picture you'll again notice that I hate kids and how they ruin every good moment.
I was chatting with The Media Manager from Gulf Run back when we had the dinner and gathering for drivers, that why don't you guys use a fence to avoid having so much finger prints on the cars?
He Replied "Gulf Run is all about the experience, We want people to feel it and enjoy being around such cars"

I noticed that a lot of people are taking pictures tonight, I would love to tell you that they are having a Photography Contest, For more details click here

One of the Organizers told me that they have more cars on display inside he mall next to the Cafes.
As usual, they were extra cool and let me go behind the robes to take pictures exclusively for me and few other bloggers.

Outside the mall, where most of the cars are parked, you can also buy the Gulf Run 6 merchandise, I got a nice sweater with the logo of GR6 and the sponsors.

Buy and support our fellow car lovers :)
and buy the ticket for the raffle draw, charity is the best thing you can do if your that bad :P

Enjoy !


  1. Niceee! loved the pics esp the one with the lollipop LOL:P
    Thanks for this great post! will check em out definitely;)

  2. You're welcome Sedra,
    If you want to check the cars, you must go today.

    I might go again to take some pics from the top of the building ;)

    And yea the lollipop was by coincidence :)

  3. I'm glad you took such good pics for me to see since I'm sick. Great job and thank you.

  4. Hey Expat : glad you're still alive. It was so cold outside yesterday. In your current condition, I don't think you're able to go.

    Glad you liked 'em ;)

  5. I did go today n loved it! The rain kinda gave it a magical touch:D although some seemed to be bothered by it! ;p

  6. Sedra : I was suppose to go in the morning, but I woke up feeling dizzy.

    Did you take pictures ?

  7. Excellent pieces. Keep posting such kind of photos on your blog.

    1. Hey, that was really very helpful. Please share more such updates.