Saturday, January 22, 2011

The New Ferrari FF 2011 - Official Teaser

To be honest with you, I was hesitant about posting this since everyone posted it.
But people don't know that this is not the only Ferrari with a hatchback!

Watch the video first.

Sultan Brunei asked Ferrari to build a new model for him, A four doors station wagon Ferrari! at the beginning Ferrari refused to make it because he wanted only two cars.

then he asked for 7 cars! the money was more appealing to Ferrari so they said ok!

This the car pictured below.

Just for the record, Sultan Brunei is the most important customer to Ferrari. 


  1. One word..!! FUGLY..!!

    Well at least to me.

  2. That's one ugly Ferrari!
    Let's hope that they fire the butcher who designed it!

  3. My little bro. showed me a pic. of a red Ferrari hatchback last night. I'm not a fan of hatchbacks, but to be honest the one in the video doesn't look bad at all!!!

    But, Sultan Brunei's car ma ywanis shakilha! :/

  4. Everyone thinks it is ugly, but Ferrari made the car for classy people that uses big bags (golf bags) if you don't k ow what golf is :p

  5. I know it was made for boring ppl who like golf! What a boring sport! Then they should get a golf car, a7la mafeha ringat'ha GTI LOL ;P

  6. Ferrari will sell every single FF car, and there will be a long waiting list.
    They sell the brand, not the car.

    And Golf is made for those rich people cuz they can't run, and hate to sweat in gym with ordinary people :p

    So they called it a sport.

  7. Ugly car .
    the best looking ferrari so far is the 458
    as for the Sultan Brunei 3nda blawey
    until his brow stole few billions from his government and ran away =p .

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  9. This comment accusing people, funny and no one understands it. I guess it is made by Muammar Al-Qadhafi himself :P