Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year - The Stig Style

I was awake very early, looking at the curtains and it looks dark.
looking at the time.. it is 7 am !

I jumped, I knew it is either raining or there is something wrong with the time!
New Year Run. nothing better than a damp road and supercars.

We gathered As usual At Starbucks Al-Bedaa'a. we ordered nothing as we will go to our new gathering point. Starbucks Rahaal.

The weather was amazing, cold and wet. I took pictures of the cars because I like the look of wet-dried dirty muddy cars. it feels like we are in Germany!

Something only cars enthusiast will understand!

Everybody was checking our cars, why would people driving super cars come all the way here for a coffee!

Our Lovely Carrera GT is back :)

I had to take a picture for 2011, something new!
So I went to the back of the Starbucks building.
Climbed the stairs.
jumped over the huge vents.
and took a picture for the guys from the roof.

Enjoy, And happy New year to :
Fellow bloggers
Silent readers
People who clicked this by mistake.


  1. Killish ma E7TARAAAAAAAAAIT!!!!!:)

    O min metaaa efta7aw Starbucks in ilRA7AAAAL?!!@@

    Ba3ad mu nagi9 ela yeft7oon ib baitna!!

    But really, i am so happy that u had fun with ur loved ones & enjoyed ur time;D 3asaaa doooom hal wanasa bro blogger:D ;P

  2. You should, Ana A7tar lama Ashoof el post ma3any Kent weyahom :p

    This how Stigs celebrate new year. Screw malls!

    What was your new year celebration like!

  3. I was singing in the rain at 7 yesterday! It was fun :D

    Glad you had fun, and happy new year :*

  4. We miss the rain..

    Happy new year to you too dear :)

  5. Amazing pictures & experience :) you guys really hooked on super cars ha ;)

    invite me next time ;p

  6. If you Re interested I can arrange something for you next time. :)

  7. Hot Pics. Loved the last one ;)
    Wanasa I can smell the rain in ur pics. Lovely. Allah y7afthkum :)

  8. It was fun and fresh..
    Clean air all over the place.

    The last picture was repeated 8 times to get the one that will satisfy The Stig Ego!

    Soon, Bloggers Run ;)

  9. happy new year :D loved the cars

  10. Happy new year dear noon, or shall I call you burger beater? :p

    No one can ignore the cars, speeding is a hobby, enjoying is a skill.

  11. Pics are amazing. Happy New Year Stig sweetie.

  12. Thanks Expat,

    Happy new year to you too ;)

  13. Happy New Year Dear :) May 2011 be filled with happiness, joy, health n wealth n lots of CARS :)

    loved ur pix ^_^

  14. I see a German car addict here =p
    What a lovely way to start the New Year..!!

    Ya reet it rained 3endena, we were greeted by a sunny breezy day though.

  15. Thanks Swera : enshalla full of cars and less street drama.
    happy new year to you too dear.
    It seems that you've been off for a while! Wb anyway o glad you like the pictures ;)

  16. Rummy : lol I am a car addict in general, but this time it was mainly German cars and a Ferrari and a GTR which I missed in this picture.

    It rained only for those who woke up early, but it was so nice to see a damp road :)

  17. LOOOL u can call me burger beater , i dont mind :P

  18. I saw the burger you had, and that tells me something :p

  19. The Boudoir : Thanks.. this what Stiggy people do on new year morning.

    Glad you liked'em :)