Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Off-roading Weekend

I was invited with a friend to go offraoding in a deserted area up north.
It was far away from any kind of civilisation and city for about 70 KM

There was dust everywhere and I was worried about my new camera! it cost a fortune to buy stuff like that and it was its first shoot ever!

There was only Toyota cars, all FJ Cruisers and one 2 doors Prado V6! the guys seems to know where they're going and what to do in such situations.
It has been a while since I went offroading!

One Tire in the air!
This scene was common that day! at first I was.. LOOK LOOK! then it was like... aaah another tire in the air again :P

This is a desert kind of plants that we call Handhal (7anthal). I am still not sure that if its edible or not. but it looks like mini water melons. nice if wanna kick something :P 

Finally and after a long day, we need to eat! 


I am not a fan of tea anyway, but desert = means no cafe latte!


I don't know why our home made burgers always tastes better than fast food restaurants ? maybe because t is still hot ? and that's why I like Johnny Rockets.



  1. 9ech 9ech 3leek bl3afi ! the best thing to do is to get that fresh air ! that's what I do when I wanna be alone :P I drive alone to chabd :P just for the sake of fresh air with wide open space! o el dowah etshaweq mn ween ? 7dha modern. o mashallah ur new camera laq6at.ha etyanin !

  2. It was fun,

    This Dowwah you can get from sultan center, it comes ready aith a paper full of gas inside, you just light the paper and grill after 10 mins.

    very practical.

    and my New Baby is really lovable, and I will post about it later.

  3. Nice trip & good pics ... invite me next time but not on Firday morning please :P

  4. Amazing pics. Makes me want to camp and I don't camp...ever.

  5. i like the kettle stand.

  6. 360Dewan : LoL ok Enshalla, btw it was on a Saturday morning. will let you guys know next time.

    Expat : I thought you already work in a camp :P
    we actually were somewhere called MSR Tampa! still don't know what's this.

    Princess : It is normal little choola :P

  7. Wesaaaaaalim galb elchoola! Cute ;p

    So I see u guys came to us! "The Desert" ;p Lma tgoul brr ana afkr b "Patrol" "Defender" ma ya6ri 3la bali el "FJ!" ;p aw "Rub3" lol allaaaah abii rub3! ;p

    Great shots, next time inshallah we wanna see some action in the desert ;)

  8. Wanasaaaa!
    3ajeeba al 9ewaar stigggy:)))

    Ambro: how about we do the girly version of off roading mair ana weyach bnbaaad3 lol:P