Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pagani Hauyra Realeased officially

It seems that everybody posted about the Pagani Hauyra, but as I always do.. I love posting something different. 

Pagani himself has been keen not to reveal the car before Geneva motor show in March. but a magazine leaked the picture before the official debut. so he said announce it ! 

As we all know about the perfection of the making of the Pagani since they launched the Zonda C12 back in 2001. when I first saw the car under heavy disguised it was ugly and looked weird to me. but now I feel more ok with the lines, knowing that Pagani himself won't settle for something lesser than perfect.

The looks only won't do justice to the car as it is already been expected to be more powerful than than its predecessor The Zonda.

The Gullwing doors will be the unique thing about the new Huayra and it has been already applied before on few Mercedes cars like the SLR and the new SLS AMG for example.

The quad-centered exhaust pipes is a distinct feature of the Zonda will be the same with the Hauyra but without the round framing. but I still don't know why it has the name Huayra twice ? one center and one on the side

Mercedes-AMG provides the heart of Huayra. The 12-cylinder biturbo engine with 60 ° V? with 5980 cm3 has been developed to meet not only the technical application and the strictest quality aspects, but also to give the car its dual character. The calm and harmony that are perceived to drive one of GT's finest today are interrupted when the pilot called Huayra to unleash its power over 700 hp and a torque of over 1000 Nm

And this is his forth teaser



  1. I was a little worried when the first leaked images of the Huayra came out. Then, when it was officially launched, I was actually amazed by its flowing lines. It really is a beautiful car.

  2. it is a fantastic car I wish I would have a one