Monday, February 28, 2011

Lambroghini LP-700 Roadster

This a rendered LP-700.

I don't think Lamborghini ever replaced a car with an uglier one!
Even this one I guess will be more sexy than the current car.

But I hope they come up with a nice top like the one used for the Diablo of the 1990s, not like the crappy one used recently on the Murcielago.

What do you think ?

Friday, February 25, 2011

How Red Bull built the Formula one car ?

Instead of taking the overly technical route, the Red Bull boys have gone a bit "old-tyme." Their film manages to be entertaining and interesting, which is usually a hard task to accomplish with something like this.

It is really amazing how they make a car that weighs less than 600 kg and still able to create this downforce.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Selling my car

I am debating myself.

Should I ? or let go ?

I am the kind of person who gets atatched to my stuff. I don't bu things based on need.. I buy what i want and like before thinking of the need and the cost. I know it is wrong to do such. but please don't give me any advices now.

I am selling my car,
My babe.
The mistress,
The one I love,
The one I take out during weekends,
And when the weather is cloudy and nice,
The one I enjoy driving,
The one that takes me from A to B but faster,
The delicate, but tough,
The one I talk to.

I am buying a new one soon, hopefully.

Wish me luck!

My 200+ km/h Songs

I love the song and I remember walking to almost every music store in London in 2001 to find the CD, and finally I got it in  Scotland :/

I hate the video, but i still have the song on my iPod and listen to it when speeding..

Enjoy Driving!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Interview with Valentino Balboni from Lamborgini

While taking pictures of the cars of Concours d'Elegance in Kuwait two weeks ago, I pumped into Ahmed Al-Enezi. The manager of Kuwait Cars Museum and he is taking care of the Concours cars and judges.

So I asked who do you have this year from the judges, He mentioned a lot of great names in the motoring industry. The he Said : Valentino Balboni!

Mr. Valentino Balboni started working for Lamborghini on April 21, 1968 as a mechanic apprentice in the company. Eventually he was personally asked by the founder of the company, Ferruccio Lamborghini, to test-drive the newly built cars.

Valentino Balboni has reportedly driven about 80% of all Lamborghinis ever built; among the marque aficionados, Balboni has risen to cult status. In 2008 Balboni was still active for the company as the chief test-driver and ambassador: fluent in English and German, he often appeared at different Lamborghini-related events, like the unveiling of new models. In July 2009 Lamborghini announced a special edition run of 250 Gallardo LP550-2 "Valentino Balboni edition" supercars; the company stated that the new car was to be rear-wheel driven in accordance with Balboni's preference for the thrill of cornering a rear-wheel driven vehicle.
Balboni, even though officially retired as chief test driver, has signed a two year contract with Lamborghini as a consultant through 2010 that can be renewed multiple times.

Back to my story, I told Ahmed that I MUST meet Mr. Balboni. He said that he will try his best to help me meet him. and asked me to go to Marina Hotel lobby and wait for him.

I went to the lobby, and couldn't wait for Ahmed. So I saw an Italian lady and asked her : Hi, I know that you'll say that I am a kid and silly, But am not leaving till I meed Mr. Balboni!

She said wait, picked up the phone.. and called someone and she was talking Italiano! 

Me : Are you calling your bodyguard ?
She : No, I just informed Mr. Balboni That you're waiting for him, He'll be down in 5 mins!!
Me : Nooo No, Don't bother him, I can wait for three hours!

Mr. Ahmed came in and I told him that I took care of everything!

Few moments later I saw Mr. Balboni coming down talking on the phone. I stood and waited for him to finish the call.. Now we start :)

The Stig : Mr. Balboni, It is an honor for me to meet you and shake your hand.
Balboni : I would like to thank you for taking the time of your day and come to see me (with a big real smile.. not fake smiles)

The Stig : I am a big fan of you and Lamborghini and can't believe you are actually in Kuwait right now, Do you mind If I take a picture of you right here ?

Balboni : Of Course not, Please tell me where you want to take the picture. 

The Stig : (After taking the picture) Can I ask few questions, If you don't mind ?

Balboni :  Of course Of Course, I have few minutes for you.

The Stig : What is the greatest car you have ever driven ?

Balboni : Of course it is a Lamborghini. A Miura.

The Stig : Why the Miura ?

Balboni : Because it was the first car I started testing.

The Stig : Other than Lamborghinis ?

Balboni : It Has to be the Pagani Zonda C12S.

The Stig : What do you like the most about Lamorghinis ?

Balboni : Every Lamborghini has its own character and personality that you will not find in other cars. The Lamborghini will make everybody turn their heads and  try to see the car that generates this sound.

The Stig : Have you met Mr. Enzo Ferrari in person ?

Balboni : I was so close to him, but never got the chance to shake his hand. He is a great man and one of Italy's legends.

The Stig : I know That Mr. Pagani used to work with Lamborghini in the past, Do you know him?

Balboni : Yes, We are actually a very good friends and I really likes the cars he make. Proper stick manual transmissions, rear wheel drive and sounds and looks like an Italian super car should be.

The Stig : What Do you think of Ferrari, The Company and the cars they make?

Balboni : Ferrari is a great name in the Motorsport and luxury car industry and they are one of our main rivals. and they make great cars, well known for good looks and performance. but they are not like a Lamborghini in terms of exclusivity.

The Stig : What is the car that you use everyday ?

Balboni : Audi A4 3.0 Turbo Diesel. its good for 247 Bhp. and I like it.

The Stig : What do you think of the modern German sports cars? Such as Porsches, BMW M Power, And AMG Mercs ?

Balboni : They build nice and reliable cars that you can drive for long distance without needing a massage. and they target a different segment of customers. affordable and can be used everyday. but they will never give you the presence of a Lamborghini.

The Stig : What was the top speed you did? and which car was used to achieve the top speed ?

Balboni : I did 341 km/h in a Lamborghini Murciélago at Nardo.

The Stig : What about the new upcoming LP-700? is it faster ?

Balboni : You know a lot! this is a secret and I can't tell how fast it goes, but it will be unveiled in Geneva Motor show.

The Stig : How do you feel when Lamborghini named one of thier cars after your name as a limited edition?

Balboni : I was really touched, It was a feeling so strong to see a company created in the 60s and never named a car after anyones name. then when they do it.. they did after my name and I am still alive. ti feels so special and it is a very limited edition one. only 250 cars will be made.

The Stig : Was it your decision that the car will be a rear wheel drive?

Balboni : It was Both me, And the top management. we wanted to make something really special and limited this time. a car that professional drivers will enjoy. it has been more than 20 years since Lamborghini made a two wheel drive car. And I am really in love with it.

The Stig : Did you got the chance to drive the old McLaren F1 ? and what do you think of it ?

Balboni : Unfortunately I did not. but I like everything about the car, especially the center driving position. but this car was all after weight saving and driving pleasure.

The Stig : Do people recognize you in Kuwait ?

Balboni : Yes, Actually I was happy when I knew that people would know me not just as a chief test driver only, but also as an ambassador of Lamborghini. Few guys came to me and took pictures when I was in the mall the other day.

The Stig : They said that you took the Lamborghini Miura SV on a drive the other day!

Balboni : Yes, It was one of the best moments driving this car here in Kuwait and I had some Lamborghini owners following me to the 2nd ring road. it was a unique experience.

The Stig : If you got to drive a car in road of your choice,
 with a a passenger of your choice, 
in a car of your choice, 
what music would you listen to ?

Balboni : I will drive a Lamborghini Gallardo two wheel drive, 
And I will drive it in the Nürburgring. 
The music will be the sound of the engine behind me. 
and the passenger should be someone who knows a lot about cars, Just like you.

The Stig : I am so sorry, I would spend a week with you, non-stop questions. but I know you are a busy man. appreciate the time you spent with me. and I really think you are one of the greatest men alive now.

Balboni : I really enjoyed your company and the Kuwaiti hospitality. 

The Stig : Thank A lot Mr. Balboni. see you

Balboni : Don't Call me Mr. Balboni! Call me Valentino. we are friends now.

I got his e-mail, and he singed something special for me. 

He is very humble. always smiling.. and his Italian accent is so amazing.

Kuwait flag in UAE schools 1983

I was looking at some blogs this morning when I came across this cool old pictures of a school in UAE in BanatZayed Blog 


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Concours d'Elegance - Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in Kuwait

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport was one of the new cars in the Concours d'ELegance this year.
Last year though at the same stand, i took pictures of the Bugatti Veyron but before the Super Sport was even launched.

Whether it be the world’s fastest car or the world’s strongest beer, the old maxim that “competition improves the breed” seems to hold true. Volkswagen spent an extraordinary amount of money, time and effort creating the 408 km/h (254 mph), 1001bhp Bugatti Veyron in 2005 – it knocked off the 387.37 km/h (240.7 mph) record set by Koenigsegg’s CCR to become the fastest, most powerful and most expensive car ever built. Then SSC came along with the Ultimate Aero TT to set a new world mark of 412.28 km/h (256.18 mph). Now Bugatti’s new Veyron Super Sport has pushed the record to 431 km/h.

Adding nearly 20 km/h to a world speed record, after 120 years of human endeavour in the field, is a gargantuan achievement. It's a quantum leap forward - the equivalent of shaving a second from the world record for the 100 metre dash. It's hard to believe it's even possible to do that and still be able to viably sell such vehicles by making a profit.
Four hundred and thirty one km/h is a fearsome speed.But give me a stretch of road and a new set of tires and I will do it. 

Watching the car itself was an amazing experience. 

The top air ducts that used to direct air to the engine for the normal Bugatti was removed for the sake of reducing weight and drag to take the car to its top speed.


2012 GTR Vs. Z06 Vs GT 500

I was never a fan of the GTR, but I admit that it is one damn good car to drive and perform. I have been in the car, and seen why it gets good reviews.
Because even if you are dumb and can't drive a manual transmission! You still won't worry because the car will do everything for you. it feels ROBOTIC.

The Corvette on the other hand sounds nice, looks good and for a country like Kuwait where the price of fuel is still cheap, you won;t worry about a 7.0 L infront of you drinking your money! and it perform well if you know how to shift properly. it has few problems, but the it is the cheapest fastest car.

The GT500  looks mean and sounds furious which is an added value in my point of view, But it is a ford! and affordable and! well this time Ford did it well, But can it compete !

Watch and see for yourself!

Concours d'Elegance - The cars

I know that it is too late to post about Concours d'Elegance Kuwait. because it is two weeks over!
But I told you that I was busy and traveled twice.

I wasn't even planning to go to the show, most of my friends told me it is almost the same show as last year. and i missed the Ferrari Gathering and Italian Day.

Muira SV
 I was at work and I don't carry my big new babe camera with me all the time, but that day it happened to be with me.

And usually I get switched off after 4 because that means that I have been awake for at least 9 hours or more. and non of my freidns wanted to come.

So I went all by myself and my lovely Camera.
Take a look!

I will share pictures only in this post since you had enough stories about the show, But As always I have something special. So stay tuned


Rianne Ten Haken Vs. Lexus LFA

Nissan used Super Models to compare it with the new Juke car, But Lexus choose the model Rianne Ten Haken to to do some donuts around her!
circles Vs, curves.. that's how I can explain it !

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bahrain - Open Track Day - SV @ BIC

One of the cars at the BIC was A Lamborghini Murcielago SV.

The car was in Pearl White. looks amazing.
It belongs to the same collector of the Saleen S7 I posted about earlier.

This car loves photography, and like every other Lamborghini. It is rare and exclusive to the elite club. This SV was made to celebrate the last of this line. until the new one arrives.

This car packs 670 hp. and can 0-100 km/h in!

Watch the video :)


Bahrain - Open Track Day - Pirelli Support @ BIC

At the track, One of the guys had to replace the tires for his Ferrari Scuderia.

Support Van

Pirelli P Zero Corsa

The problem is that he paid for a full day access, and to leave the track and go to any garage to change the tires and then come back! will ruin the fun of this day.

So we got the number of Pirelli support and called them inquiring about the availability of the tires.

we were amazed that they have the tires in stock, and cheaper than Kuwait. AND they will come to the track with the support vehicle and change the tires inside the pits!

I liked how professional they are, I mean why don't we have something similar in Kuwait ? It will not cost alot to have two or three vasn to do the same with full support staff.

They started working on the Ferrari right away.

The Old used tires

Now the Ferrari is ready to roam the track gain with new sticky fresh tires :)


Friday, February 18, 2011

Bahrain - Open Track Day - Saleen S7 @ BIC

Every time we go to the track there will be some rare exotic cars.this is one of the cars this time..
Saleen S7. one f few cars ever built, The car is from 2004 0r 05. never been used that it still have the original tires on.

It so wide from the back that will keep you wondering how will it ever be driven on normal roads!


Nissan Juke Vs. Model

Nissan is teaming up with Sports Illustrated
 to highlight a few specific models – one made of sheetmetal and eight lovely ladies crafted from genetically-gifted moms and dads. The funky 2011 Juke is going head-to-head against models vying for a spot in this year's infamous SI Swimsuit issue.

This new series of advertisments showcases the attributes of both the Juke and a bikini-clad model named Amber. Acceleration, agility, aerodynamics and curb appeal are tested with less than shocking results.

There are more vids in youtube!


Bahrain - Open Track Day - Our cars at the track

Today is the big day.. 
The reason why we travelled all the way from Kuwait.

This is our third time in Bahrain.. at least for most of us.. and some of us driven also in other tracks around the globe.

So taking pictures of new stuff was never easy, but it was nice capturing moments and show you how we guys spent a safe day while driving full throttle all the time.

This an open event to all the people from everywhere, so it was not like Gulf Run where
they reserve the whole track. so we share the track with everyone else can pay the entry fees :/

which is dangerous to drive next to armatures doing 260 km/h on the straight then braking all the way to 50 in 150 meters!

One of the pictures I like. every driver keeps the helmet on the top of his car. so cool!

During our open track day runs, there were 3 Porsche Cup doing some testing for the next season. it was fun driving next to professionals and watching the lines they take in every bend. but It was impossible to compete with them.

Very crowded corner!