Sunday, February 20, 2011

2012 GTR Vs. Z06 Vs GT 500

I was never a fan of the GTR, but I admit that it is one damn good car to drive and perform. I have been in the car, and seen why it gets good reviews.
Because even if you are dumb and can't drive a manual transmission! You still won't worry because the car will do everything for you. it feels ROBOTIC.

The Corvette on the other hand sounds nice, looks good and for a country like Kuwait where the price of fuel is still cheap, you won;t worry about a 7.0 L infront of you drinking your money! and it perform well if you know how to shift properly. it has few problems, but the it is the cheapest fastest car.

The GT500  looks mean and sounds furious which is an added value in my point of view, But it is a ford! and affordable and! well this time Ford did it well, But can it compete !

Watch and see for yourself!


  1. Nissan first as i though
    between the z06 and the shelby ? id pick the shelby anytime over the z06
    it looks better from inside and outside and alot cheaper . with that price different between the shelby and the z06 ill just spend like 1k kd and it will go faster than a z06

  2. The Nissan is faster from zero, the Z06 is more practical and has less engine parts since it is the only normally aspirated engine from the three cars.

    The Shelby looks good, but it can kill you easily because they don't have the same braking force as any of the cars competing. But yes it is nice

  3. Tara the GTR engine is almost bullet proof and very reliable, the only problem in the GTR is the transmission which is disgned and built by a german company .

    Yea the shelby does need better breaks and wider rear wheels .

  4. I still won't buy a car that feel like a PS3 with Gforce