Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bahrain - Open Track Day - Al-Areen Palace

This is our third and probably last trip to Bahrain for this season, since the track days are almost getting more crowded + Kuwaitis will get the 1000 kd so it'll be crowded :p

And the weather will get hot soon!
Ok! So remember Last time we stayed At Banyan Tree! or as they re-Named it now to Al-Areen Palace. I will review it more in depth this time.

We rented A two bedroom chalet. Technically it is not a chalet, but we Kuwaitis call it whatever we want :P
Each chalet comes with a 5x6 meter swimming pool + Two separate Jacuzzis for each room.

This is the bathroom, a HUGE tub enough for threesome action :P
eehm! or a married couples.

The Marble is so shiny that you don't need mirrors, you can see your reflection on the floor. so you can compare your face next to your right foot!

The shower!
One of the best things to do if you have nothing beside watching TV in Al-Areen is to take a shower. you can always switch the steam button on! so you feel like you're actually not home! unless you have that button at home.

And there is another shower outside, not good timing for us to shower outside, since it was freezing. but I reckon it'l a cool thing to do during summer time.

This is either a dining room or a meeting room, and it is available in every chalet.

This is the dewaneya where you can have all the manly gossips and invite friends. enough for 10 people or more if squeezed. 

This is an overall look at the villa! oh yeah! they're called Villas :P

This is another shot at night!

One of the things we love about Al-Areen, Is that they have 3 restaurants, wireless connection, gym, private+public swimming pool, and the largest spa in the middle east and one of the largest in the world. 

I will post more about my Spa Tour!



  1. That looks awesome! i have seen pictures of the same place before but cant remember where, but you didnt tell us what you guys did there to enjoy the place if it was cold!

  2. We were busy roaming around Bahrain. and spending more time at the track. just wait and see :P