Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bahrain - Open Track Day - Banyan Tree pool & Massage

Still with the tour Mr. Talal Fakhro.

After taking a look at the Spa, we went through to the pool and the massage rooms.

This is one of the coolest pools in Bahrain, because it is temperature controlled pools. and it extends to the otter pool. separated by a glass door that you can swim under.

This the glass door that separate the inner pool from the outer one.

This is the gym hall and it looks so cool and have a nice view to the two pools.

The names of the rooms are funny, I will post another post with the names only :P

This is the inside room of the massage 

This tub is said to be filled sometimes with milk and flower leaves. Not KDD of course :P
Poor cows

The shower as in the villa, like a rain forest.

The beds in the massage room for couples.

At the entrance and before the massage, you will get your feet washed by salted water. warm and with soft hands :P


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