Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bahrain - Open Track Day - Banyan Tree Spa

Afetr Checking in in our Villa, we were damn hungry.
We have been driving all the way from Kuwait to Bahrain. No stop expect for the borders.

We have been invited to lunch by the Mr. Talal Fakhro The GM.
He was very sweet and came to our villa to drive us all the way to the restaurant himself and made sure to stay with us the whole time.

I was so hungry that my mood  for photography was shit! so no food pictures.

After the feast we had! I asked Mr. Talal if he could ask someone to show me the spa!
I already did a massage there before almost like 10 times, but I wanted to see what the largest spa in the middle east look like.

He insisted that he himself will show me everything!

This is the main gate at the end. If you are taking a good look at what I am capturing. you'll realize that there was no cost saving when they build this place.

You can read, so I don't have t write them again :P
This Hydrothermal Garden is a good rewarding tool to reward yourself after a long day of track torture.

I was taking pictures and not listening to the details. but here you can take a normal shower! I Guess :/

A couple of rooms for Sauna.

Another way to take a shower while walking :P

Here you'll be accompanied by a therapist to take good care of you ;)
Most probably Moroccan! so act sick :P

This is FUN!

This is also where you take a Moroccan bath. It was pretty cold, but the water was temperature controlled and warm.



  1. HATHAAA WAAAAAAAAIN BIL BA7RAAAIN?????!!!@@ ri7t ilba7raain malyoon mara o wela mara sima3t feh!!!!!;O

  2. LOVED the pics. looks relaxing, Na3eeeman :)

  3. @Bint ilKuwait: hatha banyan tree bas they have changed the name to AlAreen palace.
    So amazing, you have to try it if you go to Bahrain soon.

  4. @Ambrosial: it is soothing ba3d mo bas relaxing. The pictures will not do it justice by the way. Once you enter the place, you will be amazed by how classy it is.