Friday, February 18, 2011

Bahrain - Open Track Day - Our cars at the track

Today is the big day.. 
The reason why we travelled all the way from Kuwait.

This is our third time in Bahrain.. at least for most of us.. and some of us driven also in other tracks around the globe.

So taking pictures of new stuff was never easy, but it was nice capturing moments and show you how we guys spent a safe day while driving full throttle all the time.

This an open event to all the people from everywhere, so it was not like Gulf Run where
they reserve the whole track. so we share the track with everyone else can pay the entry fees :/

which is dangerous to drive next to armatures doing 260 km/h on the straight then braking all the way to 50 in 150 meters!

One of the pictures I like. every driver keeps the helmet on the top of his car. so cool!

During our open track day runs, there were 3 Porsche Cup doing some testing for the next season. it was fun driving next to professionals and watching the lines they take in every bend. but It was impossible to compete with them.

Very crowded corner!




  1. Gr8 pictures as always .. you need to jump to videos now, i think there are a lot good things :)

  2. Maybe I should, but I need the proper tools to edit videos.
    But I am thinking of it seriously, maybe with your help guys :p