Sunday, February 20, 2011

Concours d'Elegance - Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in Kuwait

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport was one of the new cars in the Concours d'ELegance this year.
Last year though at the same stand, i took pictures of the Bugatti Veyron but before the Super Sport was even launched.

Whether it be the world’s fastest car or the world’s strongest beer, the old maxim that “competition improves the breed” seems to hold true. Volkswagen spent an extraordinary amount of money, time and effort creating the 408 km/h (254 mph), 1001bhp Bugatti Veyron in 2005 – it knocked off the 387.37 km/h (240.7 mph) record set by Koenigsegg’s CCR to become the fastest, most powerful and most expensive car ever built. Then SSC came along with the Ultimate Aero TT to set a new world mark of 412.28 km/h (256.18 mph). Now Bugatti’s new Veyron Super Sport has pushed the record to 431 km/h.

Adding nearly 20 km/h to a world speed record, after 120 years of human endeavour in the field, is a gargantuan achievement. It's a quantum leap forward - the equivalent of shaving a second from the world record for the 100 metre dash. It's hard to believe it's even possible to do that and still be able to viably sell such vehicles by making a profit.
Four hundred and thirty one km/h is a fearsome speed.But give me a stretch of road and a new set of tires and I will do it. 

Watching the car itself was an amazing experience. 

The top air ducts that used to direct air to the engine for the normal Bugatti was removed for the sake of reducing weight and drag to take the car to its top speed.



  1. Tadrii ehnak kint baroo7 3ind Bugaaaatii! bes kila min iljam3a ilsakhefa!!:(( 3al 3imoom yes one question how about X6?

  2. If I were you, I would've visit the factories in Germany.
    But enshall you will in the future.

  3. 3zezti el bugatti m3a alwanch
    joti nike mthlan ?
    still a nice car =p

  4. @X : I guess the company wanted to give the car a mean look and distinguish it from the rest of the already beautiful Bugatti range.

  5. The Veyron was mass produced in 2005 and was found to be super fast car. It also consumed gas at an exorbitant rate. The original Veyron had many test failures. vancouver car shipping