Sunday, February 20, 2011

Concours d'Elegance - The cars

I know that it is too late to post about Concours d'Elegance Kuwait. because it is two weeks over!
But I told you that I was busy and traveled twice.

I wasn't even planning to go to the show, most of my friends told me it is almost the same show as last year. and i missed the Ferrari Gathering and Italian Day.

Muira SV
 I was at work and I don't carry my big new babe camera with me all the time, but that day it happened to be with me.

And usually I get switched off after 4 because that means that I have been awake for at least 9 hours or more. and non of my freidns wanted to come.

So I went all by myself and my lovely Camera.
Take a look!

I will share pictures only in this post since you had enough stories about the show, But As always I have something special. So stay tuned



  1. Great shots, my fav pic is the Jag E-type

  2. Glad that someone like you admires my pictures :)

  3. Awesome shots Stiggy! Man, I need to take some lessons from you and 'id'!

  4. @elwehbi : You get id so you won't be needing me :p