Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bahrain - Open Track Day - Karting

The first night after we had a short nap.
we decided to go out to eat something.

The weather was cold overall, and it is not usually the case in Bahrain.

One of the guys suggested that we pass by BIC to check the Go kart circuit they have, we did not actually plan this! but it just pop up like any other idea!

I was trying some features in my new camera with one of my friends by taking pictures in the dark, for quick objects like the go kart cars with no flash. but using high ISO ratings.

You can't imagine how fast this car is lapping the circuit, but I was still able to capture it with no haze and with a good exposure.

The guys decided to drive few laps and race against each others. I was having a slight headache and after driving all day from Kuwait, and not having a nap! i decided not to drive :/

Little briefing like a real race!

Yes, One Lap Difference.



  1. حلوة الصور حتى بالليل مشاء الله

  2. Thanks Sedra : )

    Glad you liked them.. I hate taking pictures with flash!

  3. Maaaa ri7taw ta3shaitaw ib
    شارع العدلية?!!:O

  4. @Bint ilKuwait : We did on our last day!
    One of the guys invited us for dinner in The Meat Company.