Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gulf Run 6 - BIC/01 - The Auto-cross

Its been a while again, but I will  start with older stuff so I won't confuse myself :P
Well I was away for a while doing some cars activities everywhere and enjoying life! one o the things you get to enjoy if you are a single guy, is that you decide to travel, book the ticket and just call your parents when you arrive Bahrain :P

This is exactly what I did.

We got to Bahrain, one of the guys with us had a driver waiting for us in Bahrain with his own car also. The Stig was experiencing the back seats of the new S Class and trying the seating positions available. Damn I loved it :/ 

We were the only ones doing 180 and 200 km/h on a public road, not like Kuwait!

Thank god the weather was amazing when we arrived, it has been raining for two days before Gulf Run, which is not good for the track, and I will explain that in another post later on. The S Class was equipped with the panoramic double sunroofs and it was cloudy.. 

So we reached Bahrain International Circuit after we gave our bags to the concierge at the hotel, I swear I did not even saw the room!

Khalid Al-Furaih, One of the organizers and the PR Manager of Gulf Run was kind enough to show us the place around,and giving us a brief about the event, then he took me and my friend with his own car to see the Auto cross.

For those who don't know what auto cross is.. well, google it :P

First of all the Track admins took the participants around the auto-cross track to show them the lines and how is it going to be.

Then they did the same again, But walking :/
You think it is boring ? well, one of the things I liked about Gulf Run is safety always comes first.

The smallest, yet fastest!

You lose time, but smoking the tries is so amazing, loved that guy for doing this ;P

If you think we are done! you're mistaken! wait for the next GR6 Post :)


  1. you sounded so excited :D Yay Thanks for sharing pics

  2. I am exited.. this is the first post :P
    wait and see