Monday, February 7, 2011

Gulf Run 6 - BIC/02 - Roaming the inner track

It was the next event taking place along with the Auto-Cross still going on at the same time.
The Inner Track!
BIC has 5 different sets of tarck layouts. all serve different taste and purpose. The inner track is Mainly used for national race meetings and corporate and retail experiences, this 2.55km layout features many of the most challenging sections of the F1 GP circuit.

So everyone got ready and prepared.
Engines started.
loud and Smokey.

Let the fun begin.
Cars started to inter the circuit and do the warming lap before they actually start to race and get the timing set.

The weather was amazing. Partially cloudy with a cool breeze. As I told you earlier in my previous post that rain is not good for the track! why?

Because as the cars go fast around corners, the tires and rubber stick to the tarmac and help the other cars to have better grip. after the rain, the rubber got all cleaned off and the track becomes a little bit tricky as your car will be sliding off more often. 

It would be challenging more for professional drivers, bu more tricky to armatures.

This KTM X-Bow (Cross Bow) was one of the best looking cars in Gulf Run 6. I will do a post later on for this car.

The number plates are from Dubai, I am not sure if the other GCC people can participate!

Wait for Day 2 update :)

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