Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gulf Run 6 - BIC/04 - SLS AMG

A new feature also for Gulf Run this year was the SLS AMG.
available to all the GR6 Drivers to be in with the pro driver from Mercedes.

The SLS is well known for being a light weight car from the AMG range and it is also a unique car with the gull wing doors.

It is one of those Hey-Look-At-Me cars. but in reality it looks neat and a bit retro. some people did not liked the way it looks. but for me ! I like normal aspirated front engines cars.

Like all Mercs, the interior is more than decent and still feels German, but not as good as the Audis. but still, everything is where you want it to be.
with the gull wing doors, the access to the car is not easy. It opens wide, but once you get inside and trying to reach the door handle! you'll find it far from you. so either you hold it while sitting or ask someone passing by to close it for you :P

Also on the way out, be careful not to bang your head with the door again.

The car is equipped with the latest version of the 6.2 L engine from AMG, the same engine used for the CLS 63 and S63. but imagine the engine with a lighter car!

To ensure quality, every engine is hand assembled and the engineer signs on a small metal plate and it will be mounted on the top of each engine he finishes. just as in the picture.

So you can easily find who made it in case you had a lot of mechanical problems :P

Just like the Lamborghini, Just sing up for the trip and you'll be called to be the passenger.

Although the car is not equipped with the ceramic brakes, but it stops better than you think. thanks to the light wieght structure of the car and the front-mid engine, which will help the car not to dip under braking.

It was one Mercedes SLS for all the participants, it did not stop at all for two days (9am to 5 pm) and still the car was so reliable that they only had to change a set of tires.
No Mechanical issues were mentioned whatsoever.

At the end, Thanks again to GR6 Organizers and to Abdulrahman Albishr and Zaid Al-Kazmi Company for offering such a great car for the participants to enjoy the ride.


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