Friday, February 18, 2011

Nissan Juke Vs. Model

Nissan is teaming up with Sports Illustrated
 to highlight a few specific models – one made of sheetmetal and eight lovely ladies crafted from genetically-gifted moms and dads. The funky 2011 Juke is going head-to-head against models vying for a spot in this year's infamous SI Swimsuit issue.

This new series of advertisments showcases the attributes of both the Juke and a bikini-clad model named Amber. Acceleration, agility, aerodynamics and curb appeal are tested with less than shocking results.

There are more vids in youtube!



  1. Juke is with very fantastic look.
    I can say this Nissan Juke as one glamorous appearance.
    It's really one different creation from Nissan.

  2. It is not what we know about current Nissans. Even the look is different from the current lines in the modern range.

    But a crossover is invading the market and taking a share from the SUVs and wagons.

    We'll wait and see how the sales will go

  3. Nissan sure knows how to reel in the customers. Whoever built the concept of these videos is one heck of a genius. So, how's the Juke doing these days?