Thursday, February 24, 2011

Selling my car

I am debating myself.

Should I ? or let go ?

I am the kind of person who gets atatched to my stuff. I don't bu things based on need.. I buy what i want and like before thinking of the need and the cost. I know it is wrong to do such. but please don't give me any advices now.

I am selling my car,
My babe.
The mistress,
The one I love,
The one I take out during weekends,
And when the weather is cloudy and nice,
The one I enjoy driving,
The one that takes me from A to B but faster,
The delicate, but tough,
The one I talk to.

I am buying a new one soon, hopefully.

Wish me luck!


  1. Well ur obviously still in love with ur car... and buying a new one seems like a rebound car! ;p

    May I know what it is? and ur divorcing it for which car? ;p

  2. ee nfs 7alti..
    anyway whats ur car ?

  3. @Ambrosial : I am not telling you what my car is until I sell it, and then I will write a review about the car. I don't think anyone will argu with me about the review :p

    @X : wait for the car to sell and then you will know ;)

  4. Hmmmmmmmm widi agool shay bes madri weather it's advice or not so mara7 agool:p bes 3alaaaik bil3afyaaaa ilmohum hal shay ewansik o ekaleek satisfied :D

    Good Luck!;)

  5. @bint ilKuwait : Goolay, it is an advice not an order. I might take it or not. So enjoy the freedom of speech :)

  6. LOOOL jain:D

    Eli kint bagola..

    Etha syartik eli bitbe3ha e6la3at mafeha shay for any reason ..7aram tishtri ghairha..bes 3ashan kalami ekon fe ma7la how long did u have ur car eli u want to sell? etha for tooo loong 3ayal 3alaik bil3afya o shoof ghairha but IF not 6a6aw!!:D

  7. What about giving the car to me? That would be easier than selling it. :P

  8. You don't have time to drive it :P

  9. "The one I talk to"
    Seriously :P ?
    best of luck.

  10. @Rwan Snow : Yes I talk to my car, and am sure it can listen.

    cars get sick, they enjoy pampering, the make us enjoy trips.. almost like humans.

    talk to yours :P