Monday, March 21, 2011

I Just love my mother!

Dear Mother,

I Don't need a day called "Mothers Day" to love you.

Cuz I love you every single day.. even in weekends.

The Stig

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kuwait Rally 2011 - Thank you Zain

I would like to start this post by thanking Zain for offering me a Media and a VIP pass for Kuwait Rally that was held last Friday and Saturday.

I was having good time at work because it was raining and I LOVE RAIN. but I forgot that I have to go and cover the rally!

So I arrived to Holiday Inn Salmiya to cover the press conference. and I was amazed to see Mohammed Bin Sulayyem, the ex-rally driver and several time champion of the Middle East rallies.

And Also Nasser Al-Ateyya from Qatar, The Champion of Dakar Rally last year and the new dominating champion across the middle east and Africa.

There were also one Kuwaiti lady with her Co-Pilot along with other women participating in the rally. which is nice to see something new and that the motorsports are not only for men.

I loved the banner from Zain for Twitter, Very creative :P and I do follow them because the send a lot of promotions and updates in regards to their products and services.

Car Zero/Zero, means that this car will go and roam the rally track before any of the rally cars can start the stage. to make sure the field is empty and clear.

When the press conference was over, everybody was going outside to see the start and waiting for Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to come and annouce the start.

It was raining cats and dogs and even cows. it never rain in Kuwait! but once there is and outdoor event, it will rain 100mm :/

I was wearing a rain jacket, but I was worried about my babe! my camera was exposed. I managed to cover it with jam3eya plastic bag!

And then, out of the sudden! my friend came with an umbrella! and I was saved.
KTV3 presenter was next to us wearing Deshdasha and totally wet. and their umbrella kept breaking down every time. so he ended up standing under ours!

Finally the Sheikh arrived and we all stood up for the national anthem.

Wait for the Next Post!

Friday, March 11, 2011

2 Lambrghinis And 2 Porsches = 2400 Horse Power

It was one of those foggy Friday's nice weather, Super cars and the great company. 

It was nice to be awake all night inside the dewaneya not knowing what's going on outside. then be shocked for seeing this much fog! it was really foggy and visibility was poor.

We headed as usual south to Al-Zour to eat fa6ayer in the usual place. where they treat us as aliens. 

We were followed by a Saudi guys in a 4X4 SUV and one of them was trying to act gayish when he saw the camera!

This is just a sample of what we've gone through from the fog. 

The best view from the side mirror and there are more pictures, but I am not in the mood to upload.

We arrived to alzour and we parked in a way that will prevent us from being hit. a lot of people came out of the restaurants and shops to take pictures of the super cars.

One of the restauranst owners came out and offered us a free meal. I was happy to see people inviting us for free food. So I asked the guy : What do you have ? he replied  : Qeema and chappati !

I rejected the offer and told him that once you start offering steaks. we will come to visit :P

It was hard to get a neat picture there because the scene does not support creative photography. and there is no roof to go up and take a picture from the top.

So, I stopped the trash car
opened the door
asked the driver to stop for 3 mins
jumped off the top of the car
took few shots 
thank the guy
and discovered that my hand is so dirty and greasy!! and my friends called me cuz our fa6ayer were ready!

This is the top of the car.

My new friends, waiting for the silly Kuwaiti guy to finish his silliness to start doing their job.

A Lamborghini in a frame.. by the coolest Carbon Fiber frame ever.

The coolest bug ever! it will be featuring in the new bugs life movie.

This guy was happy enough when I offered him a picture with the Lambo! but he was in hurry before his chay 7aleeb get cold. 

as usual we headed back to Kuwait city full and happy!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Camping - 05 - Night Life!

Every night, after dinner, we have our own fire place by digging a small whole and light up our night with our own kind of old Kuwaiti songs, either by singing them ourselves. Or by downloading the song and play it on an iPad! Jacqui will love the iPad Idea

One of the guys, got us the new fruity tea from Lipton although he does not drink this kind of tea. and he calls it GAYs tea!!

I am not a fan of tea, and in the cold weather and freezing butts. Arabian coffee will do me just fine. with some dates we got from Saudi Arabia and it was mixed with nuts.. nothing can taste more sweet.

I am no Tarzan, But I love outdoors in every way.
You see no kids getting out from a taxi next to IKEA @ the Avenues!
No stunt driving!
No Rain boots while it 27 degrees outside!
Clean Air!

My list can go forever, but I just love the sound of.. hmm.. Silence! 

One of the things I forgot this year was the marshmallows!
I love the way we all point our wooden sticks towards the fire, waiting it to be hot and soft! and unfortunately, Al Abdaly Co-Op is 35km away from where we camp! and I still think they don't have it.  

And with this post, the Camp trip is over :)


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Camping - 04 - Offroading

Camping is an experience that usually involve different kinds of sports, Life going offraod!
I am not sure if this is a sport or not, but if Formula 1 and reallying is a Sport, then this is also considered.

This guy was preparing for the jump, but I was not there to take the picture. so this picture was taken by my friend and he wanted to share it with you.

A drag race up the hill!

ATVs are the best.

Drifting wins everyones heart and they are not causing any noise pollution or disturbance. but they are damaging nature in a way.

There is a small gap between bravery and insanity. you decide what to call this act :P

don't worry, they survived :P


And the baby will come out :P


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Camping - 03 - Humans Vs. Camels

During our three days stay in the middle of nowhere, we noticed that there are camels everywhere. and I HATE CAMELS.

Yes! Can I help you? 

I was almost 5 years old when my cousin told me some stories about camels and how they can kill you :/
I hate them and I can't love them now. but they are nice furnished dinosaurs :P

They come really close to our tent trying to know what kind of freaks people we are, leaving our comfy beds and hot water to stay three days in the desert. living on steaks and chocolate.

This camel was trying eat my sleeping bag! from my brother's pick up.

Here, you can see my brother trying to scare the camel. but the camel didn't even run! he walked away so slowly. Maybe my sleeping bag stinks!

They were very comfortable walking between our cars and eating like I don't even exist! I felt humiliated :P

I always wanted to take a picture of camels with sunset! Capoooooom! I got one :)

A Baby camel getting his shot of fresh protein :P

These are the most brave kids I've ever seen.


The Baby camels came!