Friday, March 11, 2011

2 Lambrghinis And 2 Porsches = 2400 Horse Power

It was one of those foggy Friday's nice weather, Super cars and the great company. 

It was nice to be awake all night inside the dewaneya not knowing what's going on outside. then be shocked for seeing this much fog! it was really foggy and visibility was poor.

We headed as usual south to Al-Zour to eat fa6ayer in the usual place. where they treat us as aliens. 

We were followed by a Saudi guys in a 4X4 SUV and one of them was trying to act gayish when he saw the camera!

This is just a sample of what we've gone through from the fog. 

The best view from the side mirror and there are more pictures, but I am not in the mood to upload.

We arrived to alzour and we parked in a way that will prevent us from being hit. a lot of people came out of the restaurants and shops to take pictures of the super cars.

One of the restauranst owners came out and offered us a free meal. I was happy to see people inviting us for free food. So I asked the guy : What do you have ? he replied  : Qeema and chappati !

I rejected the offer and told him that once you start offering steaks. we will come to visit :P

It was hard to get a neat picture there because the scene does not support creative photography. and there is no roof to go up and take a picture from the top.

So, I stopped the trash car
opened the door
asked the driver to stop for 3 mins
jumped off the top of the car
took few shots 
thank the guy
and discovered that my hand is so dirty and greasy!! and my friends called me cuz our fa6ayer were ready!

This is the top of the car.

My new friends, waiting for the silly Kuwaiti guy to finish his silliness to start doing their job.

A Lamborghini in a frame.. by the coolest Carbon Fiber frame ever.

The coolest bug ever! it will be featuring in the new bugs life movie.

This guy was happy enough when I offered him a picture with the Lambo! but he was in hurry before his chay 7aleeb get cold. 

as usual we headed back to Kuwait city full and happy!



  1. nice pic nice weather .. invite me next time :)

  2. Eshalla I will, but then you'll meet the real Stig and I have to kill you after!

  3. @Alrajhi : you missed it as usual.

  4. You can do the same, just give it more time and keep your camera with you always. ;)

  5. Amaaazing!

    Did I tell you that you've been tagged?

  6. I wish i was a guy !

  7. @The chick : glad you liked it, yea I saw it. But I'll pass :p

    @Moody : you'll be Moodyboxers :p

  8. bil3aaaaaaaaks the place was amazing! and perfect! 3indi a7la and more creative taking pictures in that place rather than fancy places!! inshallah eyey ilyoum eli i do it with the girls :p o 3alaikum bil3ooofyaa:D

  9. @Bint ilKuwait : It is nice, but not the perfect place for low cars, we have to be extremely careful.

    I decided that you should buy an Audi A5 ;)

  10. Sweet ride! Damn, I need a pink Lamborghini...

  11. 9ij?? laaaish?! shino eli khalak tgol A5 not X6 3ad 89% shakilhum beyakhtholi X6

  12. @Expat : you must join us one day, or was it just the competition? You'll get to ride in a Lamborghini too ;)

    @Bint ilKuwait : I have nothing against the X6, but the Audi A5 is better looking and the X6 might get a face lift soon, while the A5 is introduced and looks hot. And no one can make a car interior better than Audi. Check it out for yourself and ask for a test drive.

  13. super shots!! and i wish if i was a guy for a day :(

  14. Nice trip. maybe i can join next time with my Evo :P

  15. Nice pics really loved them!!!! looking at your car pictures I think I saw your cars at Prime and Toast not this friday but the one before!!!

  16. @JUstnoon : If you were a guy for a day, I will be gay for that particular day :P

    @Anonymous : You're welcome dear.

    Amu : Yes you are right, we do go there for breakfast sometimes.