Thursday, March 3, 2011

Camping - 01

When everyone went to see the Parades! I went camping.
But the camping you know, It is our kind of camping.

Every year, especially in February, we have a longer weekend than usual. so we go to our secret place. have the tent set-up. and stay for three to four days and then take everything and comeback home.

Here, we were deciding on where we should have the tent and how to start unload the pick-up.

My Trails

It was dark, Not so cold. but no one there. lots of snakes and scorpions appear when we come to remove the tents, so we have to be extremely careful at night.

A Human Path

This is how we ended up like. one tent for sleeping, praying, messing around and everything else. and another one as a store. we didn't like the idea of the Kitchen tent.

Since everything we eat is grilled. we do all of our cooking outside the tents.

BBQign steaks and rips.

My friend who recently fell in love with photography and was trying to take pictures of me. he liked it more after this trip and he is thinking seriously of making something out of it. he turned to be a blogger too ;)

Prayer Time.



  1. What parades?
    I love the pictures mashAllah. You are talented.

    Sorry but you have to spell check cause something you wrote has a totally different meaning now.

    *hint* look for the grilled sentence

  2. Yeah we always skip the parades and go to the chalet... I miss camping though its been years now!...

    Loved the pics. the last one was my favorite! :)

  3. Stiggy ~ LMAO! You are too cute. Can I taste your cocking? Oops, I mean cooking! I literally fell off my sofa laughing when I read your typo. So cute! Anyway, love the pics and glad you had fun. Just say NO! to cocking! Teeheehee

  4. @Chick flick journal : lol even the sentence is totally right. Thanks but I found out too late :p

    @Ambrosial : we must pray anyway. It's a while Lil girl.

    @Expaty: I just was thinking you might like it :p
    It is not a typo, I was just trying what word you'll like the most :p

  5. Your bar pics are really nice and the one of the grilling made me crave kabaab :P , it took me a while to istaw3ib you're 'The Stig' but i wanted to congratualte you on winning on the MAC thing (hope its not too late :P )

  6. Noooooow thaaaaaaaaaaaat's reallyyyy fuuuuuuuun!! 7awlna na7jiz bil bar bes ma ligaw or madri shino 9ar bilthab6!!:( 9oubkum ma kan fe naas?! ilbaar kila kan za7ma wagt il3i6la

  7. @r.alshareef : Lol yes I am The Stig.. and I sold the make up and the mney is going to charity. but still not decided. and I am thinking to give it to the tea boys at work.

    @Bint ilKuwait : if you read the post, we go every year and stay for three days. then comeback home. not a normal camp. we were almost 3 KMs from Iraqi borders.