Friday, March 4, 2011

Camping - 02 - Things you see..

We thought no one will ever discover the place, but it seems that turned to be a popular place for offroaders and camels!

I don't know what that car is ? but it was very noisy. We think it has a Honda Vtech engine with a lousy exhaust system!

I brought this tire to use it for the bathroom, but the guys thought their butts will crack in half if they stepped on this thing :P
so we dumbed it.

Banshees! another noisy objects :P

These guys can drive like no one else!
Really talented.

Wheelies on the top of the small sandy mountains

They were doing crazy stuff, totally ignoring that I was standing with a my camera and a foot long lens :P

Touch Down! :P
His butt touched several time!


This was one of the most strange pictures. This is a KDD Chocolate milk turned to blue because of the heat during summer time.



  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL What's my kdd doing over there!!@@ lazim esawoon experiment how its changed into blue lOOOOOOOOl!:p o loved the buggi missed it to much i was also talented tooo LOOOL bes mu lai hal darja:P

  2. You ride buggies?
    Hmm.. Interesting, finally girls with an attitude!

    And yea, the KDD shocked me when it turned to blue.. Not up to our extreme standards :p

  3. Loved the pictures ! Amazingggg!

  4. @LadyB : glad you liked my humble photography.

  5. Eeee min9ijik!!!!!! arkab bugii o bes!:P bil shaleh asoooug warkab jbaal o loya wadooos:p o ni6la3 sa3at group with my cousins o e7asroon fena bil 6een wagt il eshta wedisoon fena weshaf6ooon LOOOOOOL ma daraaaaaait:P

  6. @Binturong ilKuwait : you don't seem like a girl who likes these stuff, but just take care and don't hurt yourself.

  7. is he getting a butt scrub?

  8. @justnoon : supposedly, yes :p