Saturday, March 5, 2011

Camping - 03 - Humans Vs. Camels

During our three days stay in the middle of nowhere, we noticed that there are camels everywhere. and I HATE CAMELS.

Yes! Can I help you? 

I was almost 5 years old when my cousin told me some stories about camels and how they can kill you :/
I hate them and I can't love them now. but they are nice furnished dinosaurs :P

They come really close to our tent trying to know what kind of freaks people we are, leaving our comfy beds and hot water to stay three days in the desert. living on steaks and chocolate.

This camel was trying eat my sleeping bag! from my brother's pick up.

Here, you can see my brother trying to scare the camel. but the camel didn't even run! he walked away so slowly. Maybe my sleeping bag stinks!

They were very comfortable walking between our cars and eating like I don't even exist! I felt humiliated :P

I always wanted to take a picture of camels with sunset! Capoooooom! I got one :)

A Baby camel getting his shot of fresh protein :P

These are the most brave kids I've ever seen.


The Baby camels came!



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  2. Stiggy ~ all I can say is WOW!

    I wish I was there to see the camels at sunset but please keep the snakes, spiders and scorpions away from me.

    (I deleted the first comment because I made a major typo! Ooops!)

  3. All I can say also is, you missed it.
    We had lots of fun as you will see in the next posts, am not done yet :p

    And bear in mind that spiders can go inside your ears while you're a sleep.. And they sound good inside while eating your brain :p

  4. Lol. I'm not a fan of animals but Camels are cute. Lol, the way you write cracks me up:p Beautiful pictures bt. I loved all of them especially the one with the side mirrors

  5. @The Chick : the camels are cute at all!
    And I hate them, but they form a good subject for photography because they are lazy and move slowly and they pose for the camera.

    I love the siluitte one, people told me that I should sell it to NBK :p

  6. Mashallaaah ta9weeeerik raw3a! o il baby camels shinoo hathaaaaaaail!! eshawgoooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!

  7. @Bint ilKuwait : Never say eshawgoon about camels :P

    @ the chick : lol maybe, but I am taking this as a hobby not a business ;)

  8. i love camels! i rode one in jordan , hilarious !! they way it lifts !! and the suddenly it sarted to chew my jeans !!! haha , good days !

  9. oh and mashalaah mashalaah the pictures 3ajebeen, ur a natural :D loved the camel moon , it should be a werewolf though :P

  10. @justnoon : It seems that I am the only one who hates camels here! And glad you like the pictures :)