Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Camping - 05 - Night Life!

Every night, after dinner, we have our own fire place by digging a small whole and light up our night with our own kind of old Kuwaiti songs, either by singing them ourselves. Or by downloading the song and play it on an iPad! Jacqui will love the iPad Idea

One of the guys, got us the new fruity tea from Lipton although he does not drink this kind of tea. and he calls it GAYs tea!!

I am not a fan of tea, and in the cold weather and freezing butts. Arabian coffee will do me just fine. with some dates we got from Saudi Arabia and it was mixed with nuts.. nothing can taste more sweet.

I am no Tarzan, But I love outdoors in every way.
You see no kids getting out from a taxi next to IKEA @ the Avenues!
No stunt driving!
No Rain boots while it 27 degrees outside!
Clean Air!

My list can go forever, but I just love the sound of.. hmm.. Silence! 

One of the things I forgot this year was the marshmallows!
I love the way we all point our wooden sticks towards the fire, waiting it to be hot and soft! and unfortunately, Al Abdaly Co-Op is 35km away from where we camp! and I still think they don't have it.  

And with this post, the Camp trip is over :)