Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kuwait Rally 2011 - Thank you Zain

I would like to start this post by thanking Zain for offering me a Media and a VIP pass for Kuwait Rally that was held last Friday and Saturday.

I was having good time at work because it was raining and I LOVE RAIN. but I forgot that I have to go and cover the rally!

So I arrived to Holiday Inn Salmiya to cover the press conference. and I was amazed to see Mohammed Bin Sulayyem, the ex-rally driver and several time champion of the Middle East rallies.

And Also Nasser Al-Ateyya from Qatar, The Champion of Dakar Rally last year and the new dominating champion across the middle east and Africa.

There were also one Kuwaiti lady with her Co-Pilot along with other women participating in the rally. which is nice to see something new and that the motorsports are not only for men.

I loved the banner from Zain for Twitter, Very creative :P and I do follow them because the send a lot of promotions and updates in regards to their products and services.

Car Zero/Zero, means that this car will go and roam the rally track before any of the rally cars can start the stage. to make sure the field is empty and clear.

When the press conference was over, everybody was going outside to see the start and waiting for Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to come and annouce the start.

It was raining cats and dogs and even cows. it never rain in Kuwait! but once there is and outdoor event, it will rain 100mm :/

I was wearing a rain jacket, but I was worried about my babe! my camera was exposed. I managed to cover it with jam3eya plastic bag!

And then, out of the sudden! my friend came with an umbrella! and I was saved.
KTV3 presenter was next to us wearing Deshdasha and totally wet. and their umbrella kept breaking down every time. so he ended up standing under ours!

Finally the Sheikh arrived and we all stood up for the national anthem.

Wait for the Next Post!


  1. Good coverage especially in the terrible weather on that weekend!

    Awaiting your next KuwaitRally post

  2. lucckkyy yoooouh !

  3. and im still waiting for your reuse post :P

  4. Sorry I was busy, but I will post more pictures soon