Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentino Balboni E-mail

After my last post about Mr. Valentino Balboni and the interview I did with him, I decided to send him an e-mail (Since he gave it to me) thanking him for the time and effort.

And at the same time, I like thanking people for things they did for me.
Check my e-mail below : 

Dear Mr. Balboni,

Good morning from Kuwait.

I hope you and your family are fine.
I know it has been a while since we met in Kuwait few weeks ago, But I just loved every moment I spent with you although it was very short.  You are not just an embassador for Lamborghini, but to me, you represent every car lover and enthusiast living in this world.
I would really love to thank you for the time you spent with me, considering you are a big figure in the motorsport industry and no man on earth including your CEO spent more hours inside a Lamborgini.

I posted my interview with you 2 days back, and I hope you like it. And like my humble blog.


And I was sitting in the dewaneya on a thursday night and telling the guys that I sent him an e-mail..

And! he skipped me or 6anashny! sa7ab 3alai! they laughed because I made it look as if I am expecting someone like Valentino Balboni to answer me!

less than 30 mins later! He e-mailed me back while am still in the dewaneya.. I know it is a week after my e-mail.. but he replied!!!

check his email : 

Hi Stig,
Thanks a lot for your kindness, it has been great to be in Kuwait and also to have met you, somebody who  understand and loves the subject...
Hope to see you again, keep on supporting sport cars world, it is fanatastic.
Ciao from S. Agata, where we manufacture emotions...

I am the luckiest guy on earth :P
Someone who understand and loves the subject.